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Laura RichterSolutions

Aruba UXI and AI-powered Troubleshooting Models

When it comes to data processing, heuristics and static thresholding and visual inspection will take you to a certain point. But beyond that point, the number of things you measure becomes too large and... Read More

Laura RichterSolutions

You Are What You Measure

At Aruba we’ve made user experience measurable. We’ve built dedicated sensors that help you measure your network from a client and application perspective. You don’t have to infer it. You can measure it. Read More

Aruba MarketingCorporate

Esports Fuels Competitive, Academic and Experiential Learning

How higher education IT departments are building wired and wireless networks that enable their gaming-related programs to thrive. Read More

Deliver Superior End User Experience Monitoring with Web Application Testing 

Aruba UXI now combines 24x7 automated network testing for greater insight into user experience. Read More

Trent FierroSolutions

AIOps and Experience Level Agreements

Aruba UXI makes it easy to see device and application performance by using built-in AIOps functionality for faster, more targeted problem identification. Read More

Fouad ZreikSolutions

Boost your AIOps IQ with Aruba User Experience Insight

New AI-powered Incident Detection enables IT to speed time to detection and resolution, while improving the user experience and cutting out the alert fatigue. Read More

Aruba MarketingSolutions

Powering esports success in K-12 and Higher Ed

Understanding the venues, networking considerations and solution capabilities you need for esports support at your school, college, or university. Read More

David WilsonSolutions

Aruba Sensors: Behind the Scenes (Part 2)

Continue with us on our design journey as we give you a behind-the-curtain look at deployment and package design of Aruba G-Series Sensors. Read More

David WilsonSolutions

Aruba Sensors: Behind the Scenes (Part 1)

Come on our journey and get a behind-the-scenes peak into how our team designed two new products, Aruba G-Series Sensors, which are radically different from their predecessor. Read More

Gerri HinkelSolutions

Retail reimagined: No-touch is the new high-touch service

Five ways to deliver exceptional retail experiences. Read More