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Are your applications working for your end users? Aruba UXI has the answer!

By Abhinav Raj, Product Marketing Manager

Ordering groceries? Booking a cab, or a flight? Video calling your friends? Making a financial transaction? Or seeking entertainment? There’s an application for every need. It is a Brave New World and applications have taken over.

The same goes for businesses! A variety of CRM tools are used to optimize customer interactions and various collaboration applications are used to communicate with employees and customers. POS applications integrate with inventory management system for accurate monitoring of stocks levels. In the hospitality industry, software applications are used to provide a seamless digital experience for visitors, including keyless check-in, work-from-anywhere on campus, making requests from housekeeping and more. The same goes for other verticals too.

With advances in technology and high competition among businesses for customer mindshare, end users have become accustomed to seamless digital experiences. End users just expect the networks and applications to always work. Which is why businesses rely on modern networks that use the best-of network infrastructure to provide a seamless digital experience for end users. However, it is still difficult for businesses to understand the end-user's experience of the network performance from network service level metrics alone. More often than not, the network works just fine from an IT reporting end, but the end users frequently complain of network or application issues! This results in creation of help-desk tickets, truck rolls to fix the issues, productivity losses due to network downtime, and negative brand publicity. According to Gartner, IT teams spend 70% of their time troubleshooting network issues, which means they have less time for strategic projects. In our conversation with customers, we found out that businesses want answer to this one simple question, “Are the applications working fine for end users?”

Gartner’s recently released Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Wired and Wireless LAN Infrastructure  highlights “The reliance on diverse suites of technologies to support digital business has placed significant emphasis on understanding application performance, user experience requirements and security postures across the entire network fabric.” To quote further, “Disruptive network technologies that focus on application performance and end-user experience drive the majority of innovation in the overall enterprise networking market.”

Keeping a passive eye on your end user’s digital experience is no longer an option. That’s where Aruba User Experience Insight (UXI) has been helping businesses for years. The AIOps-powered UXI monitors network and application performance from an edge perspective and provides precise insights into the end-user digital experience. And, UXI helps IT teams around the world to rapidly troubleshoot any help-desk tickets – remotely and stay ahead of network outages.

Aruba UXI functions like a 24/7 remote technician, placed at the client’s site, testing all the network components and different critical applications from the end user perspective. UXI helps IT teams proactively troubleshoot network issues, test network changes, track network performance SLAs and XLAs, generate essential reports, reduce MTTR/MTTI and network outage costs.

Of the 5 toughest IT challenges that UXI solves, the most loved by IT teams is “validating change management.” Consider a scenario when the IT team needs to update the firmware or push an upgrade or a patch over the weekend. Without UXI, IT teams have no other option but to wait until Monday to see how the changes have impacted the end users. If the upgrade is completed successfully, the day remains mostly peaceful, but the slightest error could make the day super-hectic with a lot of help-desk calls and escalations. Aruba UXI equips IT teams to test the ‘network changes’ in real time. The UXI dashboard highlights any issues that an end user would face due to network changes. And with UXI, the IT teams can also go back in time and verify the performance data for last 30 days, to compare and take necessary action.

Aruba UXI comes with an automatic triage feature, which kicks into action as soon as UXI sensors detect a network or application issue. This feature traces the root cause of the issue and provides precise actionable insight for the IT team. IT admins spends roughly 35 hours per week on managing network/application and troubleshooting tasks, but with UXI, this time can be cut down to 20 hours using faster root-cause analysis and AIOps technology.

Aruba UXI is vendor-agnostic and works seamlessly with any network infrastructure and any network management tool. However, when used with Aruba Central, Aruba UXI provides a one-stop solution for network management, including network monitoring, troubleshooting and fixing. Do read our UXI + Central blog  to understand how this powerful combination is solving some of the critical network issues.

Everybody loves UXI, including customers, partners, and analysts! Watch this short video to see for yourself.

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