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Chris TingleyIndustries

HPE Aruba Networking in higher ed: Feels like home

College students want their lives and their dorms to feel like home. That means great Wi-Fi. Read More

Larry LunettaSolutions

Think Zero Trust and SASE are not about IoT?

Learn how IT teams can modernize their networks to provide not only the connectivity but the performance, automation, and security that their business needs in the era of IoT Read More

Kwong Hui TanIndustries

The hospitality industry needs to revolutionise the entire customer experience

Hoteliers looking to build better facilities need to ensure that the technology they invest in provides the foundation needed to support all aspects of their business, across the digital touchpoints that... Read More

Gayle LevinSolutions

Q&A: How to respond to changing workplace Wi-Fi requirements

Learn how to address Wi-Fi requirements and how network teams can prepare to support the ever-changing workplace Read More

Gayle LevinIndustries

World Wi-Fi Day: Bridging the digital divide

This World Wi-Fi Day, HPE and Aruba recognize the contributions of our customer, Land O’Lakes, for their work to bridge the digital divide in rural communities. Read More

Keith ParsonsCorporate

A paradigm shift in wireless LAN-based location tracking 

I still remember the moment in time I first understood the term ‘Paradigm Shift’.  I was already a full-grown adult, with children and a university degree and finally found some time to read a short... Read More

Bring the ease and accuracy of GPS to indoor location services

Aruba self-locating APs deliver location-aware applications more quickly, accurately, and at scale across the entire wireless LAN footprint, eliminating the need for costly and error-prone manual surveys. Read More

Reports of Wi-Fi 7’s birth have been greatly exaggerated

Enterprise buyers should move ahead with gusto in deploying Wi-Fi 6E to realize the unprecedented opportunities afforded by the opening of the 6 GHz band. Read More

Phil MottramCorporate

Private 5G + Wi-Fi: Rising Above the Hype

HPE’s private 5G solutions have been designed to operate in tandem with Aruba Wi-Fi networks using technologies such as Aruba Air Pass, which automates 5G to Wi-Fi roaming. That means that when a user... Read More

Josh SchmelzleIndustries

The Wi-Fi 6E challenge: Bridging the (small) gap between 5 GHz and 6 GHz with...

Wi-Fi 6E represents the most significant expansion of spectrum for unlicensed use to date – adding the 6 GHz band and remarkably increasing Wi-Fi capacity. However, a challenge with Wi-Fi 6E is that... Read More