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Aruba and Federated Wireless Partner to Deliver Outdoor and Higher Power Wi-Fi...

Aruba announces our selection of Federated Wireless to provide the Automated Frequency Coordination (AFC) service that is required in major countries to operate Aruba’s future outdoor, higher power,... Read More

Episode 50: Empowering K-12 students with technology

Technology helps students get excited about learning and enhances the resources for educators. In this episode, we chat with Josh Bauman, Chris Warden, and Cory Smith of the K12 Tech Talk Podcast and find... Read More

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Esports Fuels Competitive, Academic and Experiential Learning

How higher education IT departments are building wired and wireless networks that enable their gaming-related programs to thrive. Read More

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Aruba Unified Access Points Simplify the Purchase Process

Aruba puts an end to multiple SKUs for APs—and the associated ordering frustration. Read More

4 Key Factors for Wi-Fi 6E WLAN Design

When designing a network for Wi-Fi 6E, you should consider factors such as AP placement, backhaul bandwidth, and AP powering. Read More

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Wi-Fi 6E Comes to the EU

With the publication of its Implementing Decision C(2021) 4240 in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU), the European Commission made an additional 480 MHz of spectrum in the 6 GHz band available... Read More

Wi-Fi 6E AP, Indoor Campus AP-635
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Aruba’s Wi-Fi 6E Solution: A Technology View

Aruba announced the industry’s first enterprise-grade Wi-Fi 6E solution to allow enterprises to benefit from the recent allocation of unlicensed spectrum in the 6 GHz band and deliver much greater Wi-Fi... Read More

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Transitioning to Touchless Hospitality

The hospitality sector must look towards Edge technologies to deliver a robust and reliable network. Read More

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Enabling a professional WFH environment

Current trends indicate that work culture is ready for the next wave of transformation. Read More

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Is it Real AI or Just Demoware?

The term “AI Washing” has become a standard part of our vocabulary, courtesy of vendors who want to tag anything that smacks of analytics with the AI label. Read More