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Take control of your users’ digital experience in a hybrid work world with HPE Aruba Networking UXI Agent for Android

By Divya Rajpal, Product Manager, Aruba

Do all end-user problems sound like, "Why is this application always slow?" or "Why does Wi-Fi never work?" Does every issue start as the network’s fault?

With the internet being the new intranet, cloud being the new data center, and SaaS being the way to go, IT admins and network operators spend a lot of time on troubleshooting network issues or proving the network’s innocence.

If these issues weren't enough, the world around us rapidly changed. It became hybrid, where users not only work from the office but also work from home, a café, an airport, or on the road. Our hybrid work world adds complexities for IT teams. Now, IT must ensure a seamless digital user experience in the office, at workers' homes, or on the go. To be successful, the IT team needs the user's perspective of the network – an understanding of how end users are receiving the digital experience.

To rapidly troubleshoot a network, application, or device-related issue, IT teams must have visibility into:

  • The wireless experience of the user – Is the signal strong enough? Is there any interference? Is it a Wi-Fi or a cellular connection? Which ISP is the user connected to?
  • The app experience of the user – Are they connecting through VPN or they are on the direct corporate network? Is the app even responding?
  • The user device – Is it the user device that is causing the issue? Or is it Wi-Fi driver issues, high CPU, or memory utilization? Is it a Mac or Windows issue? Is the issue impacting a single user or multiple users?

To answer the above-mentioned questions, businesses use robust digital experience monitoring (DEM) solutions, like HPE Aruba Networking UXI, which has added new capabilities with the launch of HPE Aruba Networking UXI Agent for Android. 

HPE Aruba Networking UXI Agent for Android

HPE Aruba Networking UXI Agent for Android

HPE Aruba Networking UXI Agent runs on end-users' Android devices and captures the user experience as seen by the user, enabling IT administrators and network operators to proactively measure and troubleshoot the end-user experience.

HPE Aruba Networking UXI Agent makes network admin’s life easier by providing visibility into:

  • Wi-Fi experience – The agent collects detailed Wi-Fi metrics like signal (RSSI), Tx and Rx bitrate, BSSID, band, and channel, and shows a Wi-Fi visualization chart with information like channel overlap, SSIDs, channel width, and the signal of nearby APs​. This helps admins to visualize signal strength and interference from the end-user’s perspective.
  • App experience – The agent can be used to test mission-critical apps both internal and external to your environment. The agent gives useful information like DNS lookup time, HTTP Get Elapsed time, packet loss, latency, jitter, and gateway reachability.
  • User device – The agent analyses the host device and captures information like Persistent Device Identifier (PID), serial number, IP address, primary/secondary DNS, battery percentage, temperature, and location. (Location information can be turned off on request.) This detail helps to identify device-specific discrepancies.
  • Historical data – The agent provides back-in-time triage for network admin to validate network changes, and see performance trends and historical values for root cause analysis.

Beyond the above analysis, the HPE Aruba Networking UXI Agent provides:

  • Data push destination - Enables IT teams to export data and correlate the user perspective with other data sources to identify any discrepancies and support further decision making.
  • User self-service portal - Highlights network and device details that the IT team usually requests from end-users for rapid troubleshooting. The details displayed include information on whether or not the phone is connected to the network, SSID name, phone name, UXI dashboard connectivity, UXI services connectivity, permission info, and Agent version.

IT teams can use HPE Aruba Networking UXI Agent to:

  • Ensure a seamless digital experience for the remote workforce – Capture the slightest drop in the network or app performance regardless of the location or network to which end users connect.
  • Provide the best internal and cloud app experience – Visualize performance-related insights into mission-critical apps in your network.
  • Hold vendors to the promised SLAs – Ensure that the promised SLAs are achieved by testing the thresholds with UXI Agent.
  • Reduce user frustration – The self-service portal for end users helps in faster troubleshooting. The portal lists all the important parameters usually asked by IT team while troubleshooting a ticket.

Unlock new levels of visibility with UXI Agent

Unlock the whole new world of visibility into the user experience by covering the last mile with the UXI Agent. Embrace the future and empower IT to focus on key strategic initiatives rather than spending long hours troubleshooting user issues. UXI is your key partner to deliver a seamless digital user experience.

Experience the power of the HPE Aruba Networking UXI Agent yourself. Drop a mail to or fill out the contact us form.