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Patrick LaPorteSolutions

Unlock the Power of Intelligent Edge with Aruba ESP

Free networks from their human constraints so your organization can compete at digital speeds. Read More

Mobile app and IoT
Gina RosenthalSolutions

Capturing Data Needed for New Business Information with IoT Devices

The real value of IoT is the data that enables just-in-time decision making by humans or machines. Read More

Smart digital workplace
Gina RosenthalSolutions

What Makes a Smart City?

Smart city is always mentioned with 5G or the Edge. Are these buzzwords, or can smart cities connect the world? Read More

Samuel HillIndustries

Four trends healthcare should be thinking about today to provide care tomorrow

As many nations are starting to emerge from quarantine, the focus now turns to enable the future of healthcare delivery. Read More

IoT and cloud application

How Wi-Fi 6 TWT Benefits Battery-Powered IoT Devices

We are entering into a new wireless era where any “thing” can connect. Read More

Mark VerblootSpectrum

IoT Future Cloudy? Create a Blueprint for an IoT-Ready Network

Get your network ready now to meet evolving IoT use cases. Read More

Select-Service Hotels Don't Need to Settle When It Comes to Wi-Fi
Elaine ShuckIndustries

Create a Smarter Hotel with IoT

Use smart devices to elevate the guest experience and lower operational costs. Read More

Select-Service Hotels Don't Need to Settle When It Comes to Wi-Fi
Tim VanevenhovenIndustries

A 5-Star Promise to Hospitality Staff

Safety doesn't happen by accident. Read More

Mitch DickeyIndustries

Be Involved and Protect Your K-12 School

There are many traditional “things” found in schools that are making their way onto our wireless networks. Can you trust them? Read More

The SSE Arena Belfast

Belfast’s SSE Arena Embraces Digital Transformation

Fans and visitors enjoy a digital experience at The SSE Arena Belfast. Read More