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Nav ChanderSolutions

5G, IoT, and SD-WAN: The Role of Next-Generation Wireless WAN Edge on Digital...

Aruba recently hosted a fireside chat webinar with two technology leaders where we discussed how 5G, SD-WAN, and the rapid adoption of IoT devices will impact cloud-first enterprises. Watch this webinar... Read More

Aruba CX 4100i Ruggedized Switch Series 

Taking The Heat: Ruggedized Switches For IT, IoT, and OT Applications

From outdoor IP video cameras in smart cities above the Arctic Circle to motor drives in oil fields sweltering in the desert heat, unforgiving unconditioned environments present unique connectivity challenges.... Read More

Atchison FrazerSolutions

5 Key Benefits to Adopting an Intelligent Edge Architecture

Transformation of legacy plant IT/OT operations to an Intelligent Edge Architecture is a way to deploy and run distributed, semi-autonomous IT systems to enable local, real-time data acquisition, analysis... Read More

Jon GreenSolutions

RSA 2021 Conference Spotlights Need for Networking and Security Partnership

More than ever, networking teams need to work hand-in-hand with security teams. Aruba networks can be both a security sensor and a security enforcement tool – it’s built into the infrastructure itself. Read More

Simon WilsonSolutions

Your AI is Only as Good as the Data Lake that Feeds It

When it comes to AI, it’s not only about crunching the data, but about having the depth of data necessary to get the right results. Read More

Tim VanevenhovenIndustries

Designing Hyper-aware Civilian Government Facilities

In civilian government applications, the machines and applications are tailored to optimizing human activity and productivity monitoring, organizational redesign, and health and safety. Read More

Tim VanevenhovenIndustries

Hyper-aware Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance Use Cases

Innovation will hinge on a solid network foundation that supports use cases driven by IoT. Read More

Location Services Out at Sea
Tim VanevenhovenIndustries

Real-time Shipboard Location Services for Cruise Ship Guests and Staff

Enable new experiences for guests at sea such as food and beverage delivery while guests are moving aboard the ship. Read More

IoT Security – The Next Frontier for SD-WAN

With more employees working remotely, SD-WAN will continue to be the platform for connecting users securely and directly to applications wherever they reside. Read More


How to Advance Strategic Business Goals with IoT

At Aruba, we call the conjunction of IoT data and context “hyper-awareness,” and it provides situational awareness about efficiency, productivity, reliability, loyalty, safety, and security. Read More