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AI-powered DEM to optimize network monitoring

By Mandar Ghogale, Technical Marketing Engineer

IT teams must chase endless helpdesk tickets while maintaining network performance SLAs. In between, they  also drive digital transformation, optimizing network maintenance costs while running down to customer sites to fix  issues. With advancements in AI, a few of these tasks are automated—but IT staff still have to prioritize network-related issues and parse through network and application data to identify the critical issues that impact the  end user digital experience.

With organizations going digital first, optimization of IT resources is paramount.

The attention of an IT team should be focused on fixing the end user digital experience instead of trying to identify what to fix first. However, in large and distributed networks, it can be challenging to know where to focus attention, especially when issues have a limited impact or are short lived, forcing IT teams to go through thousands of data points. This is where HPE Aruba Networking User Experience Insight (UXI) takes the charge.

UXI is an AI-powered digital experience monitoring solution that monitors network and application performance from the end user perspective and alerts IT teams when it encounters any problem and provides in-depth analysis for rapid troubleshooting. It works like a remote technician with AI ability, with an ML model working at the backend to help IT identity the most critical issues that need attention before users complain. This AI-powered feature in UXI is referred to as Incident Detection, and it requires at least 20 active sensors and sufficient data to build relevant models.

User Experience Insight sensors run synthetic tests, one at a time, in a continuous round-robin sequence. When these tests identify a problem, they generate an issue. There are two types of issues observed on the UXI dashboard that generate notifications: threshold violations and test failures. The Incident Detection system examines the issue data in real time to identify issues that are significantly different from your typical issue profile. These anomalous issues are consolidated into incidents and are surfaced on the dashboard. An incident is a collection of related anomalous issues.

Admin users get the option to vote ‘thumbs up’ or ‘thumbs down’ for each incident. This trains the system to identify relevant and useful incidents. Voting ‘thumbs up’ indicates the IT team want to see more of such incidents, and voting ‘thumbs down’ indicates that the team would like to see fewer of such incidents. Issues that directly impact end user digital experience can be upvoted to ensure that none are missed, and alerts are immediate.

The voting feedback goes straight to our AI/ML models to help build advanced self-learning algorithms for better Incident Detection for your account. This helps reduce noise and saves you time to focus on important and critical issues happening on sites.

 Our customers love Incident Detection

AI is taking over all walks of our lives, from helping employees to efficiently perform their job using tools like ChatGPT, Co-pilot, and Gemini to enabling IT teams to automate various network management task. UXI’s AI-powered Incident Detection feature solves the very basic issue for IT teams—alert fatigue! Businesses across the globe are using Incident Detection to prioritize network issues and stay ahead of helpdesk complaints.

For example, a retail customer was getting tons of alerts about the threshold violation issues like “Low Tx/Rx bitrate” but nobody onsite was complaining since it was not that noticeable and was not impacting business, so the IT team voted it a ‘thumbs down’ [less of this]. Simultaneously, the IT team voted a ‘thumbs up’ [more of this] when both primary and secondary DNS was unreachable, as it meant customers couldn’t reach the application. This helped our ML models to adapt over time to the preference set by the IT team. It also saved a lot of time by prioritizing one incident over another according to their severity.

UXI has been helping customers to implement a strong digital experience monitoring solution. Talk to our experts today to understand how we can help you differentiate your brand by providing a seamless digital experience for your end users.