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2020 is the Year of the Networked API

If you haven’t been playing around with any of the network APIs, it's time to start. Read More

Tomorrow's hotel today
Nick ShoemakerSolutions

Passpoint: The Architecture

A look at how Passpoint works and ways to tie in enterprise wireless networks. Read More

Paul WoodwardSolutions

Balancing Shared Responsibilities in the Public Cloud

Placing workloads in the public cloud can be a great tool for the IT administrator.   Read More

Nick ShoemakerSolutions

What is Passpoint?

What do the terms hotspot, hotspot 2.0, and cellular offload mean and what can they do for users? Read More

Answer the Call...from the Beach

Answering the Call: NAE and NetEdit in Action…Just for Fun!

With NAE and NetEdit on Aruba CX switches, engineers have powerful intelligent aids to get to the root of a problem and get to a fix, fast. Read More

SD-Branch simplifies WAN deployment.
A.J. MurraySolutions

Deployments are Easier with SD-Branch

It's 2020 and you're still traveling to set up your new WAN sites? Get Aruba Central with SD-Branch. Read More

Mitch DickeyIndustries

Be Involved and Protect Your K-12 School

There are many traditional “things” found in schools that are making their way onto our wireless networks. Can you trust them? Read More


Gaining Altitude with Python and APIs

Let’s take your previously learned Python skills and move them into production to automate deployment of a new WLAN. Read More

Brian GleasonSolutions

Your Network Lab, Certified

Do you want an industry certification? Labs are essential to cementing your exam studies to memory. These days labs aren’t a luxury; they’re a must. Read More

Mitch DickeyIndustries

Is Early Wi-Fi 6 Buy-In Worth It in The Budget-Conscience Public Sector?

Wi-Fi 6 is new and shiny. But when is the right time to upgrade? Read More