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Chuck Lukaszewski Aruba HPE CITC AFC Demo
David WrightSolutions

Part 1: Aruba Leads the Way on Wi-Fi 6E Standard Power!

Learn more about the world’s first public demonstration of Wi-Fi 6E Access Points operating in conjunction with an Automated Frequency Coordination (AFC) database Read More

Dolan SullivanIndustries

Federal IT: Prepare Now for the Arrival of 6 GHz and Wi-Fi 6E

What could your department do with a massive amount of new wireless bandwidth? With multigigabit Wi-Fi 6E soon a reality, now is the time to prepare. Read More

Detlef FuehrerCorporate

Saudi Arabia leads the way with trailblazing 6 GHz Spectrum Decision

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is first country in the EMEA region to open the full 6 GHz band, reinforcing its position as innovation trailblazer. Read More

Brazil Scores with Massive 6 GHz Spectrum Decision

Brazil has set a new world record – becoming the world leader in making additional spectrum available for Wi-Fi. Read More

Wi-Fi 6E in Europe: Frequently Asked Questions

8 things you need to know about Wi-Fi 6E in Europe. Read More

Dolan SullivanIndustries

Federal IT Leaders: Are You Educated on Wi-Fi 6E?

Get educated on the possibilities of multi-gigabit, low-latency wireless communications. Read More

6 GHz Spectrum: Wi-Fi’s New Frontier

Europe needs to keep a close eye on the action across the Atlantic. Read More

Dave ChenCorporate

The Future of Wi-Fi is Bright

The FCC’s landmark decision on 6GHz comes as Wi-Fi usage has skyrocketed. Read More

Chris DePuyCorporate

The 6 GHz Band: Say Goodbye to the Stone Age of Wi-Fi

The FCC's draft Report & Order to open the 6 GHz band for use by Wi-Fi and other unlicensed broadband radio systems is the single most consequential FCC decision in at least a generation. Read More