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Mandar GhogaleIndustries

Monitor Wi-Fi 6 Network Performance with New Aruba User Experience Insight (UXI)...

The Aruba User Experience Insight (UXI) team introduces two new sensors to the UXI sensor portfolio. Meet the Wi-Fi 6 sensors - G6 and G6C! These new 802.11ax UXI sensors have the same unique G-series... Read More

Tim VanevenhovenIndustries

Vape Detection at the Edge

Vape detection and environmental monitoring for smart buildings. Read More

Trent FierroSolutions

Aruba Beacons: Answers to the Basics

If looking at wayfinding or notifications with BLE-based Beacons here's a short overview on how Aruba Beacons work.   Read More

Considering a mobile app for wayfinding and notifications?
Aruba MarketingSolutions

A Real Use Case for Patient Facing Apps

We all get messages that put us into a stressed state.  How can hospitals, where almost every visitor is in some kind of stressed state, can work to make the visit just a little better. Read More

Aruba MarketingIndustries

“WOW” Me: From Customer Service to Customer Experience

Technology is no longer just about infrastructure.  It is now the enabler in offering guests an immersive, personalized experience like never before. Read More

Aruba MarketingIndustries

Retailers: Don’t Throw Away Those Beacons Just Yet

Whether it was for holiday shopping or a return, many of us have visited a brick and mortar retailer in the last month, and in-store, we likely glanced at the promotional signage or price compared on our... Read More