“WOW” Me: From Customer Service to Customer Experience

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Technology is no longer just solving backend business problems.  It also isn't just a tool to give guests access to the internet.  Today, technology enables industries to offer guests an immersive, personalized experience like never before!  From wayfinding and push notifications, based on an individual's location and personal preferences, to simplified check-in/check-out, and a more "home like" experience while they're traveling, technology is no longer just about infrastructure.  Mobility technology solutions are a true enabler in offering the traveler a "wow" experience in every step of their journey.

Can you imagine having the ability to connect with travelers through every step of their personal journey, from planning to check out? Predictive, proactive, and actionable data opens the door to new travel experiences, from offering a personal booking experience, to a seamless and personalized check-in, to a room specially configured to the guest's preferences, to ensuring guests never get lost on the property.  With the proliferation of IoT devices and deployment of the latest technologies like Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons, and armed with data to capture the traveler's preferences, all that is needed to ensure endless possibilities for a dynamic customer experience is a well thought out mobile app and guest engagement strategy.

A new breed of traveler is already playing a key role in shaping the travel industry. Millennials (aka #GenMobile), and their influence will continue to strengthen over the next decade.  By 2020, Millennials will represent over half of the total spend in this space.   This continuously-connected, context-aware generation, places a high importance on personalization and memorable experience in their travels.  And they expect mobile technology to be their enabler.  Hotel chains are already responding to this shift in their customer base by creating or purchasing boutique brands to add to their portfolio.  The launch of Moxy by Marriott, Canopy, and Tru by Hilton, Centric and Andaz by Hyatt, and the purchase of Kimpton by IHG are just a few examples where Gen Y focused brands were created to meet the demands of Millennials.  These millennials demand the latest technology to help them stay connected and engaged and expect hotel chains and other travel related industries to personalize their experience through technology.  Over 70% say free Wi-Fi plays a key role in deciding where they book.  So being able to provide the best possible Wi-Fi experience, personalized with mobile engagement solutions, is critical.

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