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Unlocking the opportunities in manufacturing for global service providers

By Vinnie Strey, Senior Marketing Manager, Manufacturing, HPE Aruba Networking

Manufacturing has been transformed by digital technology, with the pandemic accelerating adoption as companies face supply chain issues, inflation, and consolidation. Despite this, traditional priorities such as revenue, quality, and cost remain essential to competing in an increasingly global market.

The opportunity for service providers in the manufacturing sector is significant. Growing market share or share of wallet with current customers rests on partnering with a technology provider who has solutions that address these issues of scale, ecosystem, and complexity. HPE Aruba Networking is that partner, and here we look at several key use cases that help service providers add value to customers, while embedding themselves further into the customer environment.

1. Converge IT and OT domains with consistent execution and policies across the entire infrastructure and extend your footprint across both domains, under a single umbrella: Manufacturers often struggle to align their IT and OT teams due to disparate systems and objectives, resulting in complexity and risk. HPE Aruba Networking combines advanced technology and services to provide an integrated approach that ensures consistent execution across multiple geographies for both IT and OT. This way HPE Aruba Networking reduces IT spend and accelerates programs that depend on vertical integration from shopfloor to enterprise systems, including new AI/ML workloads.

2. Connect the enterprise seamlessly with zero-touch provisioning and faster deployment to new areas and facilities and add more elasticity within the customer environment as they grow and change: Manufacturers face complexity and resource constraints when managing multiple locations. HPE Aruba Networking’s solution combines technology and a managed service to quickly connect and protect manufacturing facilities. Certification in HPE Aruba Networking technologies by the service provider partner ensures that the system is optimized, and any security vulnerabilities are addressed swiftly, no matter the location.

3. Improve reliability and uptime with real-time insight across both the IT and OT network and implement new business models with better performance pre-visibility into manufacturers’ networks: Manufacturers need to maintain continuous uptime and optimize maintenance to attend to assets at the right time. HPE Aruba Networking Central is an AI-powered solution that provides rich real-time insight into IT, OT, and network performance, and can predict potential issues by collating data from all similar HPE Aruba Networking deployments worldwide. With its self-configuring network, HPE Aruba Networking Central allows manufacturers to reduce operational expenses.

4. Enhance real-time location of industrial assets with location services and sensors. Fund assets and automate maintenance as a natural extension of existing localization offerings with better granularity and tailored to a hazardous environment: Manufacturers face challenges with tools, intermediate products, spare parts, and staff constantly moving to different locations within a large perimeter, which slows down production and non-routine activities. HPE Aruba Networking offers solutions to these challenges by integrating GPS and fine time measurement localization into their devices. By bringing better situational awareness, HPE Aruba Networking increases availability of industrial assets, therefore increasing yield and minimizing unabsorbed capacity of resources when staff is not hunting down assets.

5. Bridge skills and workforce gap with automation and managed services while bringing service provider costs and co-sourcing down and improving customer loyalty: Manufacturers often struggle to attract talent, having to compete for skills with other industries. HPE Aruba Networking’s automation minimizes the dependency on human resources. The HPE Aruba Networking platform provides a centralized level of management that allows even a small staff to have broad visibility. Additionally, a managed service can be made available as a mixed model, such as the OpEx of a managed service together with OpEx or CapEx hardware purchases, to provide manufacturers with a wider range of technical and financial options.

6. Reduce the risk of industrial cyber-attacks with open APIs to integrate across different asset vintages and bring new technologies to the shop floor, such as 5G, while minimizing the surface of vulnerability for those assets: In a heterogeneous environment, manufacturers must be concerned about security vulnerabilities on both legacy and new IoT devices that can be exploited. HPE Aruba Networking’s ClearPass security policy engine provides non-intrusive, automatic monitoring and management of appropriate security policies with over 300 APIs to connect to nearly every device in the installed base. By enabling risk mitigation and faster reaction, HPE Aruba Networking minimizes the impact of security incidents.

There are many use cases for modernizing secure managed services connectivity in manufacturing. By leveraging HPE Aruba Networking’s wireless and WAN edge technology, together with your services and solutions, manufacturers benefit from networking solutions that help accelerate digital transformation. Together, we apply innovation to deliver the ease of integration, automation, interoperability, management, and cost-efficiencies that are needed to serve manufacturing organizations and continue to apply an entrepreneurial mindset to keep pushing for innovations that will serve your customers’ needs.

For further details on unlocking opportunities for GSPs, check out our white paper posted here. Please contact us at or reach out to your HPE Aruba Networking account team.