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Five Big Challenges Deploying Wireless in Healthcare
Kwong Hui TanIndustries

Elevating the Healthcare Sector with Location-Aware Indoor Access Points

Network connectivity is life-critical, especially as hospitals and other healthcare providers use more clinical IoT devices. Aruba’s indoor APs bring the ease and widespread adoption of outdoor GPS to... Read More

Industrial IoT in a 5G world

Explore the advantages and weaknesses of Wi-Fi 6 and 5G technologies which will become available to the Industrial IoT market in the near future. Read More

Keith ParsonsSolutions

Brush up with this Bluetooth Primer

Sure, Bluetooth just works. But it's time to learn the details behind it. Read More

Old Denmark Open Air Museum

Create Memorable Museum Experiences with Location Services

Use location services to create a spark with personal experiences for visitors. Read More

Dave ChenSolutions

Aruba Recognized As Sole Leader in Forrester New Wave

“Aruba Leads the Pack”, according to Forrester’s research that uncovered a market in which Aruba is a Leader in emerging market for wireless solutions. Read More

Mobile Payments are the Future

Checks are a thing of the past. Credit cards are soon to join them. Mobile payments offer security, flexiblity, and convenience. And here's why they are the future of retail. Read More

Kevin BlackburnSolutions

Bringing Mobile Wayfinding and Location Services to Healthcare

Mobile Wayfinding and Location Services are some of the newest features used in the worlds most connected healthcare facilities. Read More

Trent FierroSolutions

Aruba Beacons: Answers to the Basics

If looking at wayfinding or notifications with BLE-based Beacons here's a short overview on how Aruba Beacons work.   Read More