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Safeguarding Shopper Privacy and Ensuring Retail Security in a Mobile First World
Susan MiddletonCorporate

Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) Becomes an Enabler of Retail Digital Transformation

Trends driving retail DX initiatives include the continued rise of analytically robust customer-driven organizations; the operational innovations that drive efficiency and customer experiences; and innovation... Read More

IDC Flex vs. capex vs. lease
Brandon ButlerCorporate

Network as a Service (NaaS) Emerges for Flexible Consumption of Secure and Agile...

Enterprise Network as a Service has emerged as an important new way for organizations to more flexibly consume network infrastructure. Read More

Cathy WonSolutions

What is the Top Driver for as-a-Service Deployments?

According to IDC, the top factor driving as-a-service deployments is to reduce IT staff workloads. Read More

Brandon ButlerCorporate

IDC: Data as Business Currency and the Intelligent Edge Imperative

As the COVID-19 pandemic disrupts businesses around the globe, the volatility in the macroeconomic environment requires agile responses by organizations everywhere. A recent IDC study of 310 large and... Read More