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An Intro to Co-Channel Interference

An Intro to Co-Channel Interference

As network demands and client density go up, proper design becomes increasingly crucial. The problem is that I often get called in to fix a network that's having issues and am faced with the dreaded... Read More

ArubaOS 8: The backbone of the Aruba Mobile First Platform

Wi-Fi & SDN…Why?

ArubaOS 8.0.0 was released into the wild a couple weeks ago (at the time of this writing) with a ton of really nice changes, additions, and redesigns. As I was reading the release notes and loading it... Read More


Wi-Fi Security is Broken

Wi-Fi security is broken. It has been since the beginning we just didn't know it. But we're starting to see the light with some new ClearPass features. Read More

Location Services

Location, Location, Location

Location is a hot topic the past couple years in our industry with a slew of major announcements; indoor way-finding and blue-dot navigation, engagement, and analytics paving the way for all sorts of interesting... Read More

Tools for Troubleshooting from the Client Revisited

Tools for Troubleshooting from the Client Revisited

A year and a half ago I wrote a  post about some of the little-known tools I use to help troubleshoot wireless issues that happen to be built right in to iOS and OS X . The idea behind troubleshooting... Read More


A Roaming Paradox

Recently in a discussion between myself and a few other engineers someone brought up the topic of disabling UNII-2e (channels 100-140) when using fast roaming in a voice deployment. Read More


ClearPass Gets More Than Just a Coat of Paint

Automation has been the top topic in the networking world for a few years now. Unfortunately, in the wireless space much of this has passed us by. Read More


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Atmosphere 2015- Content at Your Fingertips

Change Is In the Air… Or It Isn’t.

There’s a change coming to the world of wireless… Last week I attended Atmosphere 2015 in Las Vegas and while there were some big announcements (a new line of printers or something like that… I wasn’t... Read More


Are You Ready for Some Wi-Fi?

What do you get when you take a 1.85 million sq. ft., 70,000 seat NFL stadium and cram it full of screaming fans? An incredibly challenging Wi-Fi environment would be an understatement. It doesn’t even... Read More


Tools for Troubleshooting from the Client: Apple Edition

Over my career I’ve stumbled upon numerous methods and tools that have been exactly what I needed when I needed it. As is common in our field, I’ve amassed quite the collection of various self-written... Read More