Keep a tab on the digital classroom experience with Aruba User Experience Insight (UXI)

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Gain real-time visibility into education and gaming related applications from student’s and staff’s perspective

Aruba UXI’s unique approach to experience management consists of sensors and an extremely user-friendly intelligent dashboard. You can think of UXI as your remote technician continuously testing network performance from a student’s and staff’s perspective 24/7; alerting those who need to know when priority applications or services are not reachable or when network performance drops below the SLA levels.

Sensors are deployed in classrooms, libraries, cafés, auditoriums, hallways, and other strategic places where users are present and trying to access applications and network services. These sensors onboard ANY wired or wireless network like an end user, and continuously test for application load, coverage, reachability, responsiveness, and performance on the network.

When something goes wrong, UXI provides a very usable, detailed triage report of latency, jitter, packet loss, etc. This performance analysis is displayed on the UXI dashboard that alerts IT about any issues before users are impacted.

Having the visibility and understanding about what parts of the network truly need to be addressed provides schools the tools needed when strategizing technology needs to maximize E-rate funding.

 Aruba UXI is helping K12 to:

  • Adhere to state mandates for online testing.
  • Quickly troubleshoot network issues without being there.
  • Reduce helpdesk tickets with proactive incident detection.
  • Perform back-in-time data analysis to easily validate network change impacts.
  • Baseline and trend network and application performance.

Aruba UXI testing network and application in a K12 environment

Listen what our K12 customer has to say

“We started with two UXI sensors, which we temporarily mount at a site when users report issues we can’t otherwise locate, this tactic has reduced the district’s site-based troubleshooting time from hours to seconds.”  - Roman Gaddis Executive Director of Technology, Dawson County Schools, A Charter System of Georgia.

Learn more about how Aruba UXI can help your K12 to roll out 1:1 digital learning and teaching.

Find success with E-Rate eligible Aruba UXI

Aruba UXI is E-Rate eligible – Under Category Two Managed Internal Broadband Services. When purchased as a service from partners, MSPs, or NaaS providers, providing flexible ways to consume your investment.  It can also be combined with all Aruba HPE as-a-Service bundles.

E-rate funds make UXI technology more affordable for schools and libraries across the United States, helping K12s answer some of the most pressing questions when it comes to rolling out digital 1:1 learning:

  • Will the network cope during peak hour traffic, video lectures, or exams?
  • Can you measure your network capacity?
  • Is the Wi-Fi adequate in each classroom?
  • Can a student seamlessly use different learning apps on your network?
  • Is internet bandwidth sufficient for inter-school events?

As K12s embark on their digital transformation journey, they need a reliable solution to validate the network performance and roll out new digital initiatives. Aruba UXI can be a game changer and a significant partner to K12, helping them to confidently implement digital learning and teaching for all. Learn more about Aruba for E-Rate, and explore the FAQ to understand why you should choose Aruba as your E-Rate partner

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