cjoseph’s top 10 Aruba New Year’s Resolutions

By Colin Joseph, Blog Contributor
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cjoseph's Top 10 Aruba New Year's Resolutions...

10. Open a TAC case - It could not hurt, but it could help considerably and save you a great deal of time. TAC can also accept and process personal information that users on public forums would not have access to. That specific information is frequently crucial to solving your issue. Give TAC a try in 2013…Helping you is their job!

9. When you obtain new equipment, whether it is a controller or wireless access points, please download and read the datasheet to ensure that you meet the hardware and software requirements for that equipment. Most datasheets can be found here:

8. No amount of software features can overcome a poor WLAN design. Please consult the Aruba Reference Design Guide page here to get meaningful insight on how to design indoor, outdoor, campus, high density and VOIP solutions. No reference design guide will meet every situation, but the design guides will show you the general approach needed to solve your specific design issue.

7. Read, read, read the release notes for software in detail before upgrading or migrating. ArubaOS is a very extensive piece of software and not every consumer uses it in the same way. Read the release notes to determine if an issue you have is solved or would be adversely affected by upgrading. The release notes also have advice on the migration path needed to get from one piece of software to another.

6. When upgrading your Aruba Controller, backup your flash and always upgrade the partition opposite to the one you booted from. If anything goes wrong when you upgrade, you can always switch the boot variable back to the original partition, restore the flash and reboot and you are back to where you started.

5. If you are not sure, just ask. - Solutions to issues on the forum should be considered a reference point, and not necessarily a solution to your specific issue. There are many times that users have issues that look very similar to yours, but it does not match exactly. Do not be afraid to ask another question related to the original to clarify. Either the original user or others can chime in and can help you resolve more specific issues that you might be having.

4. Visualize - Reading is fine, but Aruba has put together quite a few videos to explain its technology portfolio here: There is also an excellent collection of videos about outdoor planning provided by our resident expert Chuck L., here:

3. Search - The Airheads Social Community Website now has awesome Global search capabilities that spans the Support Center, Knowledgebase, Documentation, Tools, Software Downloads. It also searches user guides, Validated Reference Design Guides, Datasheets, and of course the Aruba Community. More details on this search capability was announced here: You can now search terms and directly pull up the documentation where it is referenced.

2. Engage - Make sure that you visit the Learn, Blogs and Events portion of the Community to ensure that you are kept up to date on Aruba Networks and cutting edge wireless technology. You can also subscribe to updates to postings by following the instructions here:

1. Suggest - Aruba Networks' is what it is because of its users. To keep Aruba what you need it to be, please post suggestions in the Ideas Portal. The information there can be tracked and incorporated into future versions of Aruba Products.

Happy Holidays!