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Two Different Ways to Debug a User on Aruba and Why You Would Choose Either

There are two distinct ways to debug users or stations.    One way is to enable debugging for ALL users.  The other is to enable debugging for only specific users. 1. To turn on debugging for all users:... Read More

Enterprise Campus

[ArubaOS 6.3] Who is logging in and out of your controller and from where – “show audit-trail login”

The "show audit-trail" command can show you configuration commands that are typed on the commandline or on the GUI.  It can also show you who is logging in and out. Information about the command is here:... Read More


[ArubaOS 6.3] New Packet Capture Functionality in ArubaOS 6.3

The Aruba controller has had built-in packet capture functionality since day one. It supports streaming traffic to a host or saving a packet capture (.pcap) file to the controller for later analysis. The... Read More


Getting Problems Resolved

Aruba Controllers are wireless switches, but they are often used for other services, as well.  Some of the basic network services match up fairly well with the feature sets of other manufacturers.  Other... Read More


Best Practice vs. Situation

Many times, users on the Airheads Community ask,  “What is the Best Practice for X”.  The response to the question is normally generic and it probably applies to most situations where there is X. ... Read More


cjoseph’s top 10 Aruba New Year’s Resolutions

cjoseph's Top 10 Aruba New Year's Resolutions... 10.  Open a TAC case  - It could not hurt, but it could help considerably and save you a great deal of time. TAC can also accept and process personal... Read More