What Experience Is My Network Providing?

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What experience is my network providing? 

Every network engineer, manager and CTO needs to know the experience that people are having with their network. There’s a management adage that states “you cannot manage what you cannot measure.” Typical network management and monitoring tools provide valuable information but they cannot fully and simply address this fundamental question. Having many tools does not magically generate the desired answer either. In fact if you have an assortment of monitoring and reporting tools, you cannot easily combine their output to answer that fundamental question.

That was the reason for creating Aruba User Experience Insight: To provide an objective and comprehensive understanding of end-user’s experiences through a network from the edge to the cloud. This solution dutifully interacts with your network as end-users do, testing it and capturing salient performance metrics, empowering you to assure that your network is meeting service level agreements, explicit needs and expectations.

Warnings and errors are provided by email and visual alerts (the latter intuitively presented by the dashboard). A weekly report is automatically generated that gives an executive overview of network performance that is unlike traditional network reports. Simplicity and at-a-glance insights pervades this solution, including the readability of the weekly report that facilitates your week-to-week status:

  • The experience your network is providing for its end-users
  • Is the experience improving or declining? How and why?

User Experience Insight is a simple way to answer that oh-so-important question, in real-time, anytime you need to know the quality of the experience people are having with your network. It also greatly assists and lessens the effort and time to maximize the experience.

While testing, monitoring, measuring, visualizing and alerting are fundamental features of User Experience Insight, this solution does much more. Stay tuned to this blog that will explore those features and how they improve network operations, the lives of the people responsible for network operations, and of course everyone who relies on your network.

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