The Keys To Why Aruba Central Makes Sense Today

By Trent Fierro, Blog Contributor
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Why now? Well, for one, a cloud-managed network allows you to cut the unnecessary time and resources spent on running your network. Think about it, no servers to buy, and no need to perform upgrades or install bug fixes. You get a reliable business-grade network without the complexity, and users experience the coverage expected, without the stress of being short-staffed. Finally, you can help improve business processes by tapping into valuable network analytics that can help everyone from marketing to the facilities team.

What it comes down to is an understanding of why cloud-managed networking is right for you. Let's take a look at those key benefits.

  1. Simple zero-touch provisioning. It's an efficient way to cut infrastructure configuration, ensure accuracy and speed deployment.
    • Pre-shipment efficiency: An infrastructure that has been tested to ensure error-free deployment configurations.
    • Worry-free downloads: When it's time to deploy the equipment, manual intervention is eliminated with the use of wired and Wi-Fi configurations pulled from the cloud.
    • Fast and cost-effective deployments: Allows the business to use Tier 1 network engineers or less experienced staff to rack and stack equipment.
  2. Simple-to-use dashboard. A GUI that's intuitive allows for the monitoring of infrastructure, clients, apps and rogue wireless access points, with reliability and ease. The best part, this reduces the time sitting in front of a screen. We've designed Central for varied levels of expertise and when you run into a problem, the contextual help per page provides the visibility to get the job done. Central also supports dual-factor authentication, for the ability to tightly control administrative rights and user visibility based upon roles.
  3. Wi-Fi equipment that performs. Indoor and outdoor access points that offer enterprise features without the need for controllers, whether there's cloud access or not. Features that include built-in RF management, stateful firewalls, traffic shaping, smart endpoint roaming, and Microsoft Skype for Business prioritization. And flexible performance and price range options that fit any business need. Aruba Instant APs fit the bill.
  4. Services for improving IT and user experiences. Guest Wi-Fi that provides visually appealing captive portals, registration choices, and control options. And a service for measuring connectivity analytics, which includes live monitoring of wireless access and authentication, along with health score trending and the ability to automatically identify root cause issues. Lastly for now, Wi-Fi-based presence monitoring, with customizable conversion metrics, insights across locations and times, and no requirement for devices to actually connect to an AP.


 Ready to Take the Next Step?

Aruba Central offers a simple, secure and cost-effective way to manage and monitor Aruba Instant APs and Aruba switches. You end up with all of the enterprise-grade management and monitoring you'll need, along with analytics for helping the business make smarter business decisions and guest Wi-Fi that's mobile and IT-friendly.

Since the goal is not to sit in front of a network management monitor, you can also get to your network from anywhere with the Aruba Central mobile app.

 Listen to the webcast for more - Key Benefits of Moving to a Cloud Managed Network.

BTW - If you're located in North America and listen to the webinar in its entirety you may be eligible to receive a free Aruba Instant Access Point.

And check out the Aruba Central datasheet for solution details.

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