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Selling NaaS: A quantifiable approach for partners

By Saurabh Jain, Principal Product Manager - NaaS

Customers today are looking to partners to provide networking solutions that have budget predictability and can offer pay-per-use. Network as a Service (NaaS) is a subscription-based or flexible consumption model for partners to consider as it can help identify the best financial path forward for your customers.

Selling NaaS is different than selling in a capex model as it requires a shift in the benefits quantified. It helps partners solve your customer’s operational challenges, budget limitations, and personnel shortages by revealing the complete value a NaaS solution can offer.

HPE Aruba Networking Value Advisor (AVA) is a business analysis tool that quantifies the financial benefits (business value) of our networking solutions. Specific to NaaS, we recently introduced a new AVA module that helps partners use a measured approach to drive your conversations by aligning to your customer’s business outcomes and challenges. AVA NaaS starts by comparing the cost of your customer’s capex investment with the operational and financial benefits of a subscription-based model. It then automates the quantification of the business value by calculating and then summarizing the financial and strategic value-drivers of the proposed solution.

Demonstrating the value of the life of the assets can be a compelling reason for customers to implement NaaS.  And calculating the Net Present Value (NPV) of the investment helps provide the necessary financial data points for your customers to make a purchasing decision. Additionally, a present value calculation reveals the cost of purchasing the asset outright versus purchasing by consumption.

AVA provides a more holistic approach to financial analysis, and it can be used to generate a top down and bottoms-up business case, providing a pathway to more in-depth discussions with various stakeholders, from the c-suite to finance to procurement.

Partners don’t have to go it alone. You can now use AVA to support positioning and selling of NaaS solutions to your customers.

Visit us here for more information about HPE GreenLake for Networking, our subscription-based NaaS offer.

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