Aruba UXI real world example – Reported problem after remote firmware upgrade

By Richard Litchfield, Regional Product Manager, APJ – Aruba-branded switching
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This is a real-world example of how useful Aruba User Experience Insight (UXI) can be:

  • I initiated a firmware upgrade of the instant cluster in the Sydney Solution Centre on Saturday night.
  • The next morning, I saw there were a lot of email notifications from UXI.
  • UXI dashboard showed big changes for almost all measurements.
  • I went back to the previous firmware version, and UXI was able to validate that the problem was resolved.


Problem Notification

I saw multiple email alerts from UXI similar to this one:

After logging in to the UXI dashboard, it was obvious that something was not right, and the start time for the reported issues was just after the firmware upgrade finished.

Nearly all measurements showed significant discrepancies to the baseline following the firmware upgrade.

Solution Validation

I went back to the previous firmware version (pushed out from Aruba Central), and UXI was able to validate that the problem was resolved.

Following the firmware rollback, most measurements were close to the previous baseline.


  • This was a remote site, with no other way to test wireless functionality.
  • UXI was able to highlight a problem so it could be resolved before people complained about it on Monday.
  • UXI was also able to validate that the resolution was successful.

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