[Contest] We’re getting ready for 802.11ac, are you? Share your winning use case!

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Hello Community!

Recently, we've been sharing content about 802.11ac and have been planning for its eminent proliferation.  Also, you might of heard it discussed at Airheads Conference in Las Vegas this year.  Now, we'd like to hear from you... we're interested to know how 802.11ac with effect your networking environments? 

So, we'd like you to share your 802.11ac use cases with the community for a chance to win a shiny new Samsung Galaxy S4 (the latest and greatest 802.11ac smartphone).

Here are the details:

 You could win this cool new 802.11ac smartphone!


Click here to login and hear a recording of a conference call Q&A session with Aruba's Peter Thornycroft (Antar) on .11ac and more!