Two days’ battery life from the Galaxy Nexus, with only 3% due to Wi-Fi

By Peter Thornycroft, Office of the CTO, Aruba
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Three observations from this screenshot (assuming we can trust the native battery monitor in Android 4.0.4)….

Screenshot_2012-05-17-16-21-23.pngThe Galaxy Nexus battery can last for 48 hours with light use.

  • Even when always-on, the Wi-Fi radio took only 3% of battery energy.
  • By comparison, the cellular radio took 3x the energy of the Wi-Fi radio.

A little fine print:  I don't make or receive many calls, so the cellular side wasn't exercised much during this time, maybe a couple of 10-minute calls.  Most of the processor and screen usage was due to my 'Aruba Utilities' application, which is quite compute-intensive, and exercises the Wi-Fi radio quite substantially.  I set Wi-Fi to 'always-on'.  The Galaxy Nexus Wi-Fi interface is dual-band but during this period I had it set to 2.4GHz only.  GPS was off.  Cellular interface had 3G and data enabled but I don't have many background apps running, and when I'm at work or at home the phone's on Wi-Fi.