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There’s a new dominant force in the modern data center network

By Mark Berly, CTO, Data Center Networking, HPE Aruba Networking

Data center automation with NetEdit

The importance of robust and reliable data centers cannot be overstated in today's rapidly evolving digital landscape. A new contender has been quietly revolutionizing the industry and is consistently recognized by industry analysts as a leader in Wi-Fi, switching, wired and wireless LAN access, and SD-WAN infrastructure.

Often referred to as the best-kept secret in the networking world, HPE Aruba Networking offers partners a portfolio of solutions that challenge the status quo and make it easy to power modern, next-generation edge-to-cloud centers of data.

 Streamline and Secure the Data Center with CX10000

The HPE Aruba Networking CX10000 is a new category of switch, simplifying data center architectures by enabling advanced services to the data center edge with unified network and security automation and policy. As proven by the hyper-scalers, this distributed service architecture provides significant cost savings and dramatic simplification of the overall data center architecture.

 The CX 10000 switch Series with Pensando combines best-of-breed Aruba data center L2/3 switching with the industry's first hardware-accelerated programmable processor (Pensando® P4). The CX 10000 delivers a flexible and innovative approach to address the security performance, agility, and scalability demands of traditional enterprise data centers and emerging distributed, edge, and co-located "Centers of Data".

 Build a Future-Proof Network with AOS-CX Switch Software

In the dynamic landscape of modern networking, where innovation is the driving force, staying ahead of the competition is not just a goal—it's a necessity. Enter HPE Aruba Networking AOS-CX, a groundbreaking network operating system that has redefined excellence in networking.

Its ability to deliver a seamless and secure network experience sets the AOS-CX apart from the competition. It is a scalable and fully programmable OS built with a microservices architecture to automate and simplify IT operations. By eliminating siloes of separate switch architectures for different deployments, such as branch offices and campuses, AOS-CX helps eliminate complexity with a consistent operator experience, simplified network design, and unified management across the entire network.

 Simplify Network Complexity with Aruba Fabric Composer

Applying the old way of doing things to a new, modern IT and cloud infrastructure can be a losing battle. The HPE Aruba Fabric Composer is the ultimate tool for a swift and seamless fabric setup. Imagine establishing a fully functional network fabric in just 30 minutes after a mere 5-minute training session!

HPE Aruba Fabric Composer is an intelligent, API-driven, software-defined orchestration solution that simplifies and accelerates network provisioning, security management, and day-to-day operations across rack-scale compute and storage infrastructure. It differs from other solutions because the software is the primary unified network and security management engine for the Aruba CX platforms. It handles all switch and network configurations and firewall policy definitions for switch and distributed firewalls.

A Better Way to Win In the Data Center

Partners seeking to empower their customers’ data center networks with cutting-edge capabilities should consider unlocking the potential of HPE Aruba Data Center Networking solutions for their business. Build deeper relationships and increase customer loyalty while offering higher-margin services with the best-kept secret in networking.

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