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Federal IT: Evolve your data center networks for sustainable hybrid work and data-intensive applications

By John Klopacz, Vice President and General Manager, HPE Aruba Networking, Federal

Federal IT leaders have been making substantial progress consolidating data centers and shifting to the cloud to improve agility to support mission outcomes, protect against sophisticated threats, and prioritize cost savings. But cloud migration isn’t always the answer, and the Federal Data Center Enhancement Act of 2023 addresses the government’s evolving need for secure, reliable, and protected private data centers.

As agencies support hybrid work, modernize their application portfolios, and meet the intense demands of AI and other data-driven applications, many federal IT leaders also need to take their data center architectures to the next level to improve performance, strengthen security, and improve agility.

Evolve your data center architecture with HPE Aruba Networking

Federal IT teams can evolve to a next-generation data center architecture with HPE Aruba Networking to scale network performance, extend Zero Trust security from the edge to the data center, and simplify IT operations, gaining both the cloud-like agility and tight controls they seek.

With HPE Aruba Networking data center solutions, IT teams can:

  • Optimize network bandwidth and performance. The HPE Aruba Networking CX 10000 Distributed Services Switch Series with AMD Pensando™ is the next generation of switching architecture, with hyperscale DPU technology to deliver cloud, network, storage, and security services at cloud scale. The CX 10000 delivers 800G of stateful firewalling, secure segmentation, and DDoS protection, with deep flow-based session-level telemetry and logging natively enabled.
  • Simplify the architecture and limit appliance sprawl. Today’s data center architectures require traffic to be diverted to centralized security appliances for security inspection and policy enforcement. The CX 10000 overcomes these limitations by delivering advanced security and network services at scale at the access layer edge, where the applications and workloads are running. With the CX 10000, IT can reduce the racks of centralized network and security appliances, simplify the architecture, improve application responsiveness, and lower cost.
  • Extend Zero Trust to the data center. Modernizing the architecture enables IT teams to protect workloads and reduce risk of operational disruption from data theft, lateral movement of threats, and denial-of-service attacks. The CX 10000 allows operators to extend leaf-spine networking with 800G of distributed microsegmentation, east-west firewalling, network address translation, encryption, and telemetry services—delivered inline and across every port.
  • Simplify operations with software-defined automation and orchestration. HPE Aruba Networking Fabric Composer allows IT to simplify the configuration, operations, and troubleshooting of the switch fabric within a single data center—or across multiple data centers. Security and firewall policies are unified across the fabric. Automated workflows reduce the risk of human error for complex configurations and allows IT to speed migrations. With the ability to manage resources cohesively, IT can accelerate delivery of network services to support growing application and workload needs faster and without over-provisioning.
  • Evolve at your own pace. Data center modernization doesn’t need to be a risky rip-and-replace, either. The CX 10000 can be deployed as a top-of-rack, leaf, or access switch for a non-disruptive evolution to support growing application, security, and operational requirements.

At HPE Aruba Networking, secure networking is our mission

HPE Aruba Networking has consistently been a leader in delivering secure network connectivity and services to all parts of the federal government. We are proud of our ability to offer secure, scalable network solutions to support military and civilian agencies. As agencies continue to close aging, inefficient data centers and build modern, flexible, and efficient data center infrastructure to support growing application and data needs, HPE Aruba Networking is committed to delivering high-performance, scalable, and efficient network solutions to help agencies accelerate IT service delivery and meet their missions.

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