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Accelerate time-to-value and support sustainability goals for IoT

By Cherie Martin, Senior Solutions Marketing Manager

By 2030, it is estimated that there will be 30 billion Internet of Things (IoT) connected devices1 across IT infrastructure, vehicles, inventory management and other categories. These devices will capture massive volumes of data, completely transforming how businesses operate.

In workplace environments, connected devices are used to automate a variety of functions such as building access, temperature and light control, occupancy monitoring, and more. Facilities equipped with a high degree of IoT automation are referred to as hyper-aware smart buildings. They can  analyze data collected from sensors and devices to optimize building operations, enhance occupant comfort, and improve energy efficiency.

Enabling a hyper-aware smart building can yield huge benefits and support an organization’s sustainability goals, from cost savings, to improved employee and customer experiences, to support of new regulatory requirements. In fact, a 2023 study by HPE revealed that many businesses are adopting IoT technologies to improve their sustainability profile, with 51% of respondents citing sustainability as the key driver for IoT implementation, and 74% of respondents stating their plans to leverage the new technology to lower their carbon footprint.

Using the network as a platform for IoT

As the number of IoT applications and devices in an environment grows, so does the amount of data generated. To put it into perspective, by 2025 it is predicted that the data volume generated by connected IoT devices worldwide will reach an astounding 79.4 zetabytes2. Not only does the increased volume contribute to capacity concerns for older networks, the demand for real-time analysis and faster decision making also drives the need for more computational power at the network’s edge.

To realize the true benefits of IoT operations, organizations need to build these solutions atop a modern network that supports easy installation and onboarding of IoT devices and applications, AI-driven performance, unified management, and distributed data processing. HPE Aruba Networking designs innovative network solutions to do all of this while also supporting growing customer demand for real-time data analysis.

Starting with installation, HPE Aruba Networking access points (APs) act as secure, multi-purpose communication hubs that are both network access on-ramps and full-fledged IoT platforms. Sporting enhanced Wi-Fi radios with wakeup features for low-power devices, Bluetooth and Zigbee radios, and expanded USB port functionality, the APs allow direct IoT device connectivity, eliminating the need for IoT gateways and reducing the amount of cabling. The newly released HPE Aruba Networking 730 Series AP delivers seamless edge computing capabilities with speed and ease. The new Wi-Fi 7 AP has twice the amount of memory compared to previous models, enabling it to store and run IoT containers and process data locally to accelerate response to environmental changes.

To simplify the implementation process even further, more than 350 technology partner solutions address a wide variety of use cases, integrate directly with the networking infrastructure and can be quickly deployed.

From an onboarding and management perspective, HPE Aruba Networking Central, HPE’s security-first AI-powered network management console, unifies IT and OT infrastructure and provides an at-a-glance view of IoT applications and devices on the network. It streamlines non-Wi-Fi device onboarding and data collection with easy-to-install IoT application plugins and integrates with IoT Transport for Microsoft Azure which provides a simple, secure way to deliver IoT sensor data to the Azure IoT cloud. HPE Aruba Networking Central also has built-in AI capabilities that monitor device performance and automate network optimization and security to deliver a premium quality of service.

Harnessing the power of your IoT investment

To improve their sustainability profile with IoT solutions, businesses must have the right network foundation to streamline onboarding and management activities, reduce material overhead, maximize application performance, and analyze data in real-time. HPE’s networking solutions are purpose-built to support the growing complexity of the IoT-enabled world, making it easier for customers to realize the true potential of their technology investments. To learn more, visit us at our sustainability solutions page.

1 Number of Internet of Things (IoT) connected devices worldwide from 2019 to 2030, by use case, Statista July 27, 2023
2 Data volume of internet of things (IoT) connections worldwide in 2019 and 2025, Statista September 14, 2022


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