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HPE Aruba Ethernet-based storage fabrics bring cloud-like scalability to data-driven applications

By John Gray, Data Center Marketing Lead

The next wave of data center and private cloud buildout requires 100/200/400GbE fabrics to support these emerging workloads and data-driven applications. Storage architectures are quickly evolving to improve performance and bring cloud-like scalability and efficiency to data centers.

Disaggregated storage is a form of scale-out storage, built with some number of storage devices that function as a logical pool of storage that can be allocated to any server on the network over a very high-performance network fabric.

Ethernet networks are ideal for software-defined storage and hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) solutions, where multiple servers share captive (SSD/flash-based) storage resources.

Gain Agility and Efficiency with Aruba Ethernet-based Storage Fabrics

With the increased adoption of next-gen servers, server virtualization, flash-based storage, and emerging technologies like NVMe, the existing networking infrastructure could become a bottleneck.

To increase agility, reduce expenses, and realize the full benefits of flash-based architectures, organizations need networks to deliver the performance required by today's server and storage environments. Also, storage networks are becoming increasingly important to application performance, which means they must be easier to administer and manage. By treating the network as a strategic part of a highly virtualized environment, organizations can increase optimization and efficiency even as they rapidly scale their environments.

Aruba Ethernet Storage Fabric Use Cases

Ethernet storage fabric use cases

With the latest AOS-CX release, our Aruba CX 8325 provides an ideal solution for 10/25/100GbE data center, cloud and storage use cases that support top-of-rack server and storage connectivity and scale-out leaf-spine fabric topologies.

These innovative AOS-CX enhancements provide storage-optimization to ensure low-latency AND “lossless” network QoS and connectivity characteristics that storage requires.

Aruba CX 8325 switch

Aruba CX 8325-32C (32 x 100GbE) is shown on the top. Aruba CX 8325 (48 x 25GbE + 8 x 100GbE) is shown on the bottom.

The CX 8325 is SPOCK (Single Point of Connectivity Knowledge) validated as part of HPE’s comprehensive portfolio of servers and storage arrays, which ensure end-to-end solution interoperability validated by HPE Labs. This validation takes guesswork out of SAN design, configuration, deployment, and management – helping to speed deployment and reduce the risk and expertise needed to deploy complex solutions.

The CX 8325 can also be paired with our CX 9300-32D which can be deployed as a 25/100G leaf or 100/400G spine switch (128 x 100G ports). This 400GbE 12.8Tbps, 1U fixed configuration switch provides flexible, cost-effective, high-density 100/200/400GbE for servers, storage, and intra-fabric connectivity.

Aruba CX 9300 switch

Aruba CX 9300-32D (32 ports of 100GbE, 200GbE or 400GbE)

Network operators can also seamlessly provision and orchestrate a discrete set of Aruba CX switches as a single networking fabric to simplify operations and accelerate network provisioning, across rack-scale compute and storage infrastructure spanning HPE, VMware, Nutanix and many other environments.

Design for today, plan for the future with HPE Aruba Networking

HPE has long been an industry leader in compute, virtualization, and storage, while HPE Aruba has led in networking. Together, our experience gives us a unique vantage point to help customers support data-driven business strategies with innovative IP/Ethernet storage solutions that deliver operational and infrastructure efficiencies that have been previously unavailable.

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