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Why AI plays a pivotal role in NaaS

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the most widely discussed technologies that will shape our lives for years to come. AI’s continuous advancements and widespread applicability are driving its rapid ascent into public view, as will its long-term global impact on society.

As it relates to enterprise networking, AI empowers intuitive decision-making, enhances security, and elevates user experiences. Savvy leaders seeking to capitalize on these benefits quickly have accelerated their adoption of AI by leveraging network-as-a-service (NaaS) solutions.

NaaS is a strategic enabler of any organization’s IT transformation efforts and has the potential for substantial market growth over the next five years. Adding AI-powered automation to the mix will further drive operational efficiencies, innovation, and responsiveness. There are several benefits that IT teams can gain from AI in NaaS including:

  • NaaS can fast-track a technology refresh, providing organizations access to AI tools more quickly and easily
  • AI offers Managed Service Providers (MSPs) the tools they need to be more efficient, driving a better managed NaaS experience for their customers.
  • AI tools can assist with troubleshooting and device configuration so IT departments can spend more time on strategic business outcomes instead of just keeping the lights on.

Secure, intelligent networking with AI-powered NaaS

The key to a successful NaaS deployment is having a high degree of automation to ensure scalability and performance meet service-level agreements. AI can be used with NaaS to:

  • Improve the user experience and operational efficiency of network management platforms, with a focus on faster, more accurate, and more secure search capabilities
  • Monitor real-time network performance providing opportunity for proactive intervention
  • Facilitate intelligent decision-making by synthesizing hundreds of alerts and determining which are critical to resolve
  • Offer proactive network maintenance to predict degradation so traffic can be rerouted before issues arise
  • Drive support productivity by leveraging interactive, action-oriented chatbots to assist in troubleshooting
  • Predict capacity based on historical data then help IT teams allocate resources more efficiently
  • Provide enhanced security by analyzing network events and identifying potential threats
  • Automate tasks to reduce manual efforts and improve overall network efficiency

Drive AI-powered, security first experiences with HPE Aruba Networking

HPE has a long history of AI innovation in its offerings. If you want to unlock more value from your network investment while growing your competitive edge with NaaS and AI contact us.  For more information on NaaS, read our thought leadership.

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