Navigating Forward with Financial and Operational Agility

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Today, organizations are navigating forward in an unprecedented environment of uncertainty that impacted many at a speed and scale that would have been unimaginable until recently.

As leaders look for the best ways to move their businesses and teams forward, both financial and operational agility are top of mind.

According to a recent IDC report,(1) “A variety of trends are converging that in summation amount to an emerging shift toward more enterprise networking solutions being delivered to enterprises as a service and via flexible consumption models” which provides customers “with the ability to scale capacity up or down fairly quickly without significant up-front financial outlays.”

Aruba offers a range of flexible financing and as a service consumption solutions for our customers.

HPE Financial Services (HPEFS) for Aruba offers a broad range of financial and asset lifecycle solutions to address your most pressing challenges and to accelerate your digital transformation. Flexible financing solutions include traditional financing and subscription programs, deferring payments during challenging economic times, helping release capital from existing infrastructures, and/or using pre-owned technology to relieve capacity strain.

Additionally, you, along with HPEFS, can help your community and the world. Over the last two years, HPE Technology Renewal Centers worldwide processed and prevented over 110 million pounds of technology that may have turned into e-waste and gave new life to nearly 90% of technology units that entered our global processing plants.

At times, organizations need help operating their complex network environments, staying on top of the time-consuming processes and keeping up with the pace of change.

Aruba Managed Connectivity Services provides comprehensive Network as a Service (NaaS) capabilities that combine Aruba products, essential services and payment options all in flexible and scalable solution offerings. This approach is suited to organizations that need help to operate their complex network environments and to get on top of the time-consuming process associated with keeping up with the pace of change. In fact, 70% of IT time is spent on trouble-shooting network changes according to findings from Gartner.(2)

Aruba Managed Connectivity Services includes two key components:

  • Intelligent Operations with 24x7 live monitoring and remote operations to do the heavy lifting of changes in the network, and
  • Customer Experience Management with service intelligence which delivers data analytics, ITSM workflow automation, reporting and service insights along with the Aruba Service Manager portal.

Managed Connectivity Services is part of the HPE GreenLake services family, delivering benefits that include accelerated onboarding, reduced IT workload with automation, on-going optimization of your network, stretching the value of your budget with tailored HPE FS options, and enabling a path to digital transformation.

Financial Services and Flexible Consumption offers like Network as a Service from Aruba can help you maximize network investments and achieve IT and business outcomes.

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(1) IDC report, “Five Key Enterprise Networking Trends to Watch in 2020”, April 2020
(2) Gartner Identifies 5 Network Cost Optimization Opportunities,” Press Release, June 2019