Six New Features in Aruba Instant To Make Your Wireless LAN More Resilient

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Customers of all sizes expect more from their wireless LANs — more speed, more up-time, more of whatever they want, when they want it.  More, More, More.

To address those myriad requests, and help you deliver the "more" your users are asking of their WLAN, the focus of the Aruba Instant v3.3 release is resilience.  So you have an always-available wireless LAN platform.  Here's how.

  1. Dual Ethernet uplink support builds on already-strong uplink resiliency options. You can now plug Internet connections from 2 different ISPs into one Aruba Instant WLAN access point.  For organizations with mission-critical wireless LANs, no downtime is good downtime.  So with this feature, you have best-possible Internet availability.
  2. 4G uplink with the new Sierra Wireless U313 USB modem that slots into our Instant access points.  Now you have the fastest available cellular uplink, either as a primary connection in hard-to-wire areas, or backup for mission-critical applications.
  3. Flexible image upgrade features, so you can download firmware now and reboot later, during off hours.  This lets you leave the office on time, and upgrade when no one is using the network.
  4. Spectrum Load Balancing to even out the client load across channels in a dense deployment. This speeds up access for everyone by more efficiently using all available wireless spectrum
  5. Re-organized web interface to keep Aruba Instant simple, fast and intuitive — while adding more functionality.  Now the most fundamental settings are in the top bar, the others are under the "More" list.  This keeps the interface uncluttered, and features accessible.
  6. CLI access. All troubleshooting commands can be run by SSH into the virtual controller. So, for those of you who don't believe it unless you see it raw, here you go!

How do you get all this good stuff?  If you have an Aruba Instant access point, just go into the web interface and look for the "upgrade available' link on your home screen — it'll be there with a week or two.  Or, download from our support site (login required).