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HPE Telco Core Automation: Tackle 5G complexity with new packaged offering

By Andrew Border, Head of Product for Service Provider OSS and Public 5G Solutions, HPE

I’m pleased to announce the new HPE Telco Core Automation offering, helping service providers to simplify multi-vendor, multi-generation operations with a new packaged offering built on our leading OSS technology.

  • Streamlines multi-vendor, multi-generation management and automation for any core network
  • Cloud-native packaged offering offers closed-loop management extensible to any core, including the 4G/5G core from Athonet, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise acquisition

Service providers are balancing the introduction of 5G and new services while at the same time creating operational efficiencies. As they virtualize and cloudify network functions (NFs), it becomes more challenging to manage a constantly changing, increasingly diverse set of technologies. Each technology and vendor (Kubernetes, OpenStack, OpenShift, EKS, AKS, and others) has its own approach to managing workloads. Even different release versions of the same NF or underlaying cloud introduce more complexity. And managing these heterogenous environments in a siloed, manual way increases the risk of error.

To manage the complexity, they are looking for automation – specifically AI-driven automation – to improve both service quality and agility. These factors are expected to drive continuous growth in OSS/BSS spending which is expected to reach $80 billion by 2028.

At HPE, we’re embracing automation and extending our OSS portfolio with prebuilt solutions that make it easier for telco operators to manage today’s multi-generational, multi-vendor network environments. We’ve leveraged 30+ years of experience in 160+ countries to help simplify network management, reduce costs for network operators, and improve both service quality and agility with HPE Telco Core Automation. Telco Core Automation joins our HPE Telco RAN Automation offering as part of our growing pre-built solutions offerings.

“HPE’s pragmatic approach to zero-touch automation brings together their AI-based assurance and intent-based orchestration in a pre-packaged way, providing predictable costs, implementation times and outcomes for their customers,” according to Justin van der Lande, Research Director at Analysys Mason.

Introducing HPE Telco Core Automation for 4G/5G mobile core network functions

Our new offering HPE Telco Core Automation is designed to help service providers automate their end-to-end processes with pre-built orchestration and assurance to make rolling out and managing network functions easier. It marries intent-based automation and AI-based assurance, which were previously separate silos. This helps to simplify, optimize, and standardize the lifecycle management of core network functions.

It removes the complexity of managing diverse technologies and vendor stacks with a single pane of glass that enables you to deploy, reconfigure, or move any NF with as few as two clicks. It helps service providers drive greater efficiencies for any leading 4G/5G mobile core network function by delivering closed loop automation and combined service monitoring and configuration capabilities with incidents reduction, anomalies prediction and new services time to market reduction.

As part of the packaged automation solution, service providers can drive efficiencies across:

  • NF lifecycle. Designed to support the NF lifecycle and monitor resources of any managed workload and key KPIs for each workload and the broader environment, automatically or manually trigger closed-loop actions, relocate virtualized and containerized workloads, restore/relocate workloads using event triggers, measure the workload and cluster resource usage over time.
  • Resource management. Monitoring the resources consumption and trends to identify the busiest clusters and resource-hungry NFs and perform zero-touch scale in and scale out.
  • Automatic remediation. Monitors key faults and KPIs for every workload and uses intent-based, AI/ML intelligence to detect deviations and automatically take the appropriate closed loop action.
  • Capacity planning. Provides visibility into current/past/future resource needs for each NF or cluster.

These features allow you to remove integration risks, decrease operational costs, and speed up time to market for new services. The software also embraces the standardization of NF onboarding, helping CSPs more easily train their staff and leverage existing skills.

One-click deployment and configuration across multiple clouds

The power of AI automation for OSS

Through the integration of advanced ML algorithms, predictive analytics, and automation, our use of AI enhances operational efficiency and responsiveness. By continuously analyzing data from various sources in real-time, the AI technology can:

  • Identify patterns from the vast data sets collected from across multiple layers of the 4/5G Core network stack (hardware, cloud, network functions, usage workloads etc.)
  • Surface anomalies from real-time streams and trends
  • Refine predictions based on a continuous feedback loop
  • Trigger closed-loop automation to fix resource and service-effecting issues in real-time
  • Enable the shift from reactive to proactive decision-making and problem resolution with minimum human intervention leading to autonomous network operation

With HPE Telco Core Automation, service providers can support today’s reality of multi-vendor, multi-technology environments by using a single pane of glass on top of a common data repository to quickly integrate into existing environments and drive operational efficiency.

For more information on HPE GreenLake for Telco Cloud, visit the Hewlett Packard Enterprise booth at Mobile World Congress, Feb 27-March 2, Hall 3, stand 3N10.

See you at MWC!