How agile is your data center?

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Businesses are constantly evolving. New strategies and new customers mean new ways of thinking and new challenges. This means technology must be able to support the needs of the business quickly and easily. This is what it means being agile.

"Agile" is an overloaded term used by a variety of companies to describe their solutions. No matter how large or how complicated, each are sold as being agile for a particular need. But do these solutions offer true agility?

A solution shouldn't be considered agile when it requires hardware to be replaced every two or three years. A solution has no agility when it requires massive reprogramming to provide new features. And there is nothing less agile than being told a solution doesn't scale or won't offer a path to new features like the cloud.

So how do we stay true to the meaning of agile?

  1. Reliable Infrastructure: We allow you to build your business and not worry about the foundation. If your business needs change or grow, we are still able to provide connectivity where you need it and evolve with you. You don't need to worry about your equipment being outdated and obsolete before it is installed.
  2. Open Networking: Whether it be software from partners like Cumulus Networks or open source efforts like OpenSwitch, or stable Open API, if your software requirements change, our hardware can support a variety of open systems that provide support for your evolving environment.
  3. Power of the Cloud: If your business moves to support new initiatives like cloud computing, our solutions are agile enough to help you build a hybrid cloud solution with your existing investment. This allows you to take advantage of reduced capex costs while keeping your opex costs low. The power of the cloud can be integrated into your business processes without breaking your budget. Have a look at our customer who used our agile platform to evolve and realize the dream of bringing imagination to life.

The key to being agile isn't making a solution easy to replace or reconfigure with significant professional help. Truly agile solutions are reliable and extend capabilities to support your business needs no matter how they might change in the coming years. The next time someone mentions their agile solution, make sure you ask them how agile it really is.