IntroSpect Aces School/College Planning & Management Awards

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Aruba IntroSpect was chosen by School Planning & Management and College Planning & Management as a winner of the magazines' 2018 New Product Awards. The awards honor the outstanding product development achievements of manufacturers and suppliers whose products or services are considered to be particularly noteworthy in their ability to enhance the learning environment.

“The New Product of the Year program brings the best and most inventive products for educational environments to the forefront each year,” said Shannon O’Connor, editor of College Planning & Management, in a statement.

Spotting Signs of Insider Attacks

School districts and universities have experienced a huge surge of cyberattacks this past year, as criminals try to access sensitive data about students, teachers and staff, and attempt to extort money by threatening the public release of this sensitive information.

These kinds of attacks often fly under the radar of IT administrators and traditional network security products. Attackers  move in small steps over long periods of time and use legitimate credentials from hacked users, devices or systems. School districts and universities need a more proactive and timely approach to detect and stop these kinds of attacks.

IntroSpect User and Entity Behavioral Analytics delivers a powerful antidote to these attacks from the inside, no matter where they originate. IntroSpect uses machine learning to automatically baseline the behavior of users and devices on a school’s network, while actively looking for anomalous activity that may indicate a threat.

When IntroSpect is integrated with Aruba ClearPass, the combined solution delivers security innovation with advanced attack detection, accelerated investigation and proactive, policy-based enforcement. Now, compromised or malicious users or systems participating in attacks can be discovered and remediated before damage is done to an educational institution’s infrastructure, assets or reputation.

Our Humble Thanks

We’d like to thank the panel of independent judges of the School Planning & Management and College Planning & Management New Product Awards for their recognition of IntroSpect.

“Research shows that there is a direct correlation between quality learning environments and improved student success – and these companies are leading the charge to make schools a better place for teachers to teach and students to learn,” said Karen Cavallo, group publisher of School Planning & Management and College Planning & Management, in a statement.

At Aruba, we couldn’t agree more, and we are committed to creating secure, mobile and IoT-ready networks to provide students, faculty and staff a great networking experience.

Check out all 34 winners at Or pick up the November/December 2018 issues of School Planning & Management and College Planning & Management magazines.

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