HPE Aruba Networking in Higher Ed: The first day, the first connection.

By Chris Tingley, Senior Solutions Education Marketing Manager, HPE Aruba
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When I was a professor, my favorite day every year was freshman move-in day. I would always volunteer to help so I could be a part of it. There was always a student whose parents would try to load in a truck full of large furniture just to bring it right back outside when they found out it didn’t fit. There was always a student whose entire extended family escorted them wearing matching “my baby is going to college” t-shirts to show their support. There were always Greek organizations trying to get their first opportunity to rush a few potentials. There were always tears, hugs, and excitement.

Now freshman move-in day also means their growing number of IoT devices they expect to work on day one. Game consoles, smart TVs, phones, watches, lightbulbs, and speakers somehow just need to work. Before they even make it to the bookstore, they’ll call the helpdesk having a meltdown if their smart TV won’t connect.

The number of IoT devices grow, but the number of IT staff doesn’t grow along with it.

Devices on the wired and wireless network need assigned access privileges. They need to connect across campus from the stadium to the lounge, and the classroom. Every device needs monitored for cybersecurity risks and for an understanding of how they are behaving on the network.

IT staff must know when something isn’t working, why it’s not working, and how to fix it.  

Aruba Central allows for managing any-sized network from the cloud. Central is an AI-powered solution that simplifies IT operations, improves agility, and reduces costs by unifying management of all network infrastructure.  With Aruba Central, your smart campus can connect to the digital future while you streamline your operations and optimize your network with AIOps.

Deploy and consume Central your way as a SaaS application, on-prem, or as a managed service option.

Learn more about HPE Aruba Networking Central.