Hanging 11ac APs. What’s in your toolbox?

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From my student days in Syracuse, to my technical marketing days at Aruba, I have built Wi-Fi networks from almost every major vendor.

And for me, the most time-consuming and painful task was mounting various vendor APs to the ceiling.

Aruba was the exception. It became clear to me that the simplicity of installation of Aruba APs were a direct result of them being designed by people who had actually installed Wi-Fi networks.

All Aruba APs come with ceiling rail adapters that simply twist and snap into an AP. With a short clockwise turn, you can secure the adapter onto the ceiling rail. No tools required.


Unfortunately, that is not the case for other Wi-Fi vendors. Some are so horribly complicated that the idea of mounting APs was clearly an afterthought. Meraki is a great example. Have you ever seen their IKEA-style instruction manual? Some assembly required :smileywink:


Well, eventually curiosity got the best of me, and I decided to see how long it would take me to mount an Aruba AP vs. a Meraki AP. It turns out that I can install five Aruba APs in the time it takes to install just one Meraki AP.