What Price Security?

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As more users and enterprises are migrating to cloud-based applications for faster time to market, collaboration, and better employee productivity, enterprise IT has become rightly concerned with the loss of control of confidential enterprise data, particularly as users are accessing this information more frequently from personal devices.  As such, better and more granular solutions to grant control over these devices has become critical.

There are several solutions that offer control over devices which include MDM/EMM products, Network Access Control solutions, and just simple standard based login services with credentials and device-resident pin numbers.  And although MDM solutions can provide application control, there may be situations when more MDM may not be cost effective to implement.

Still, controls such as letting users access corporate applications over their IT-issued laptops for an enhanced level of security versus access with personal devices may be appropriate, particularly when applications such as allow users to access highly confidential enterprise customer data and intellectual property.

Join Aruba as we participate at MobileIron's MobileFirst conference May 17 through May 20 at The Hilton Union Square in San Francisco to learn how Aruba can solve your mobile security needs – with and without MDM/EMM.

Learn from industry peers on the advantages of integration, popular use cases, as well as the advantages of integrating SSO capabilities with policy management to tie application access control to existing user and device roles for a seamless and secure user experience for more granular application controls.

Find out how ClearPass can increase your ability to control mobile devices with granular client, user, location, and role-based information.  This data, when combined with MobileIron's solution, can provide an even more secure mobile environment.

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