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Top 5 things Airheads should look forward to at Atmosphere ’24

By Jon Green, Chief Security Officer

Atmosphere 2024

Few things are more exciting for the Airheads Community than gearing up for Atmosphere each year, and this year is no exception. As you may already know, there is even more to look forward to now that Atmosphere is a part of HPE Discover 2024. You’ll get even more bang for your buck with twice as many benefits and more opportunities to learn how to get the best out of edge, hybrid cloud, and AI.

The opportunity to expand your skillset and knowledge while connecting in person with your peers is larger than ever before. Here are the top 5 things to look forward to at Atmosphere 2024:

  1. The Airheads Track. Gain insights from a variety of deep dive sessions on HPE Aruba Networking technology, better understand emerging technologies and design principles, learn how to optimize your existing infrastructure, expand your skills, and add more expertise to your IT organization—all in an immersive learning environment. The Airheads Track at Atmosphere includes over 100 technical sessions led by our product managers and technical marketing engineers, highlighting the latest innovations in today's evolving network edge.
  2. In-person technical training. Complement your Airheads Track attendance with technical training by signing up for one of 17 courses, now with expanded training hours. These in-depth sessions combine lectures and hands-on lab time to expand your skillset and validate your knowledge, skills, and ability through onsite testing in the exam center. One certification exam is included with your conference registration.
  3. Endless networking opportunities. You can always interact through the Airheads online community, but the opportunity to connect, share ideas, and network in person with your fellow Airheads and HPE Aruba Networking developers cannot be replicated. Whether it’s after a breakout session or passing by someone through the hallways, conversations with peers are always a highlight of the annual event.
  4. One-of-a-kind experiences. Airheads members will experience behind-the-scenes sneak peeks and tours, participate in fascinating discussions with HPE Aruba Networking engineers, experts, and executives, and visit the Airheads lounge for a snack and some battery power for your phone or laptop.  Details are coming soon, but you can expect an even more extraordinary, one-of-a-kind celebration event for all attendees.
  5. Elevated demo experience. Experience a larger technology showcase, where you can explore solutions that will power valuable experiences and innovative business results with AI insights, integral security, cloud-based networking services, sustainability initiatives, and as-a-service deployment models. And you’ll have the chance to speak to the product managers and technical experts behind the products.

And if that didn’t convince you, here’s what some of the Airheads MVPs said when asked why someone would want to attend Atmosphere:

“Stay up to date with latest technology knowledge and network with Peers. Atmosphere

- @mkk (MVP, Airheads Member, 7yrs., 4X ATM Attendee)

“It is one of the most amazing conferences, where you can benefit from a lot of technical workshops, have access to a lot of Aruba engineers to discuss deep dive technology concepts, integrations and also technology trends.” 

- @shpat (MVP, 10-year Airheads Member, 2X ATM Attendee)

"Getting firsthand information and talking with PLMs, engineers, trainers, and most of all customers and peers from other partners really make such an event extremely valuable. Sharing experiences, success stories, and failures is extremely valuable. You can see so many possibilities and ways to improve and solve your problems and maybe help others solve theirs or find unexpected solutions."

-@GorazdKikelj, (MVP, 5yr Airheads member, 2x Atmosphere attendee)

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