New education forum

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At Aruba, we have always had a strong focus on primary and higher education. We build provide networks and services to meet the unique needs of students of all ages, faculty, and campuses of all sizes. We understand that education networks face unique challenges.

At our annual Airheads conference, we always have compelling discussions with our education customers, especially in our birds-of-a-feather session. The same happens at various user groups around the world. The thing we don't get to do so easily is leverage all the knowledge and understanding across all of our customers.

To that end we'd like to invite our education customers to participate in a new forum we're putting together here on Airheads Social. This forum is designed to give you a place to talk about the things you are facing, from 1:1 and flipped classroom initiatives to bring your own everything (BYOE) and residence halls in higher education. The new forum is open to anyone and you can find it here:

Our goal  is to help you find like-minded individuals who face the same challenges and leverage proven solutions for all customers. We are keeping primary and secondary education in the same forum. Increasingly, primary education has more parallels with higher education in its use of technology, and we'd like to leverage that knowledge and experience.

We think Airheads is doing a pretty good job of providing technical support and now's the time to get more ideas going around solutions. We hope you'll join in and engage with this forum as a way to find answers and share your successes with your peers.