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How small businesses can win big with Wi-Fi

By Steve Wood, Blog Contributor

It isn’t uncommon for small and medium-sized business (SMB) owners to be short of a fully functioning IT department. They are still expected to deliver modern and engaging end-user experiences with the latest technologies—an increasingly important factor in gaining and retaining customers.

 This starts with the network. However, how much does a non-IT-trained person know about setting one up and securing it? It’s up to us as technology providers to help address their IT demands and empower them to grow.

It's heartening to see that 66 percent of SMBs consider the use of the cloud, applications and mobile devices to be a strategic priority. Recognizing that IT investments can go a long way to improving their business and customer experience is the important first yet difficult step. Let's make that investment as easy as possible for them.

Simplifying the network

Keeping track of every aspect of your network to keep it robust and secure is often confusing and resource consuming. This includes filtering a million websites, creating individual user profiles, and setting security protocols for many different applications, among many others. Imagine this added responsibility on top of your daily tasks. SMB owners like you need all the help you can get to manage your networks—in the form of intelligent management tools and software that does the hard work for you.

Just like larger businesses, SMBs can benefit greatly from a network that has a solid infrastructure, with the ability to keep incorporating new applications as the business expands. Your wireless solution, as an SMB, should be able to handle any business application easily. It has to accommodate a growing number of mobile users and have built-in security as a given. And quite simply, it should just work.

What can a network that is securely and simply managed to offer an SMB?

Simplified network management: If customers are expecting to use apps to get a simpler and faster technology experience, why should managing the network be any different? With automated management software, an SMB owner can easily set network controls through a mobile app and even sign in using social media profiles.

Fast and reliable connectivity: #GenMobile is now the driving force of your business. As such, nothing gets them moving faster than having critical applications running at top speed and being able to work wherever they are. Creating a positive mobile experience that both your employees and customers can rely on is key to business success.

An intelligent and secured network: Apart from enabling a smooth connected experience for the end-users, this can also act as an instant security barrier by detecting, isolating, and blocking any device that displays a potential risk.

The future of SMBs

Most importantly, technology should ensure that operational tasks are running smoothly that SMB owners like you can focus on the crux of your business. Remember that your network must work at the pace of your ideas.

To enable this, the support you receive from a technology provider is as important as the solution. For the time-strapped, cost-conscious business looking for wireless solutions it can count on, it’s important to have access to technology providers that can deliver. Just because you’re small, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a network that can deliver everything your customers need.