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Balancing passion, career, and making a sustainable impact at HPE Aruba Networking

Cherie Martin, HPE Aruba Networking

Cherie Martin, an integral part of HPE Aruba Networking for more than five years, is more than just an employee—she's a testament to the company's commitment to supporting its workforce in both personal and professional spheres.

In her wildly successful journey at HPE Aruba Networking, Cherie is quick to highlight the crucial role the company has played at every twist and turn in her life. When faced with stressful family medical challenges, the company’s unwavering support and flexibility became a lifeline.

“In times of need, HPE is really there to support its employees,” she explains. Even before the onset of the pandemic, HPE Aruba Networking embraced a flexible work culture, enabling Cherie to prioritize her health and family without compromising her professional responsibilities.

The company provides a broad set of resources to help employees manage stress, increase fitness, and adopt lifestyle practices to support health and wellness. “HPE really does devote a generous wealth of tools to help you be your best self,” she explains, adding that she frequently does yoga and stretching in virtual classes provided by the company.

Agility is the name of the game at HPE Aruba Networking in many ways, and Cherie appreciates the opportunity to balance the work week between home and the Santa Clara office to best meet workstyle and personal obligations. While her home office is a great place to do focused work, there is no substitute for the personal interaction and team bonding happens regularly at the office. “It’s a really nice, friendly environment here,” she notes, adding that her relationships with many colleagues extend into her personal life.

Rockin’ the workplace with collaboration

What sets HPE Aruba Networking apart for Cherie is its vibrant culture and collaborative work environment. The company's focus on inclusivity, creativity, and a non-siloed approach to teamwork fosters meaningful connections among employees.

Cherie, a self-described “off-the-charts extrovert” who is also the lead singer in a rock band in her free time, thrives in this environment. “I don’t feel inhibited to pick up the phone or set up a meeting with someone I don’t know,” she says. “HPE Aruba Networking is an environment where you can reach across the aisle and get things done.” Whether working in the office or remotely, she’s able to build strong relationships with colleagues all across the world.

Cherie's decision to join HPE Aruba Networking in 2018 was influenced not only by her extensive experience in the networking industry but also by the company's vibrant culture. “The Aruba brand was sexy. When you walked into the office, there was a sign on the wall that read, ‘stand out in the crowd,’ which meant to everyone that you could be yourself, and be everything you want to be,” she says.

The emphasis on individuality really resonated with her, making HPE Aruba Networking more than just a workplace—it was a community where she could thrive, expand her knowledge, grow her career, and make lasting relationships.

Throughout her time at HPE Aruba Networking, Cherie's managers recognized her contributions and provided opportunities for professional and personal development. Transparent, collaborative, and mentoring managers played a crucial role in her career growth and trajectory, allowing her to explore various aspects of her role and contribute to the organization in meaningful ways. “Management hears me,” she notes. “They really listen and give thought to how to bring the best out of me.”

A sustainability evangelist

A major focus for Cherie is her commitment to sustainability and community impact. Leading marketing efforts for sustainability within HPE Aruba Networking, she actively contributes to initiatives such as sustainable offerings, responsible solutions, and tech for good. Her involvement extends beyond her solutions marketing role, as Cherie drives the narrative of HPE Aruba Networking's sustainability position and coordinates community activities, including the company’s volunteer programs and Earth Day initiatives. “I have had an amazing opportunity to be part an HPE Aruba Networking cross-functional tiger team,” she explains. As part of that initiative, she spearheads the marketing and communications for sustainability efforts across the business unit, including in-product features, technology retooling and re-use, and even packaging, supply chain, and transportation.

HPE Aruba Networking: A golden gem

As she continues to grow in her career, Cherie prioritizes staying relevant and delivering maximum value in her position. Her passion for sustainability, coupled with her ability to bridge connections, has led her to take on a new role managing content strategy for large events, showcasing the organization's confidence in her abilities.

In a corporate landscape where toxic environments can sometimes occur, Cherie describes HPE Aruba Networking as a golden gem, highlighting the always-positive working environment and the company's commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. As she looks to the future, Cherie envisions further growth with the company, and looks forward to contributing to the organization's continued success.

Cherie Martin's story at HPE Aruba Networking is one of resilience, growth, and making a difference—both in her career and the community. Her journey exemplifies the values that HPE Aruba Networking fosters, creating a workplace that goes beyond professional success to embrace individual well-being and social responsibility.