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Transform your network with HPE Aruba Networking EdgeConnect 10106

By Babu Peddu, Product Marketing Leader, SD-WAN Branch Solutions, HPE Aruba Networking

As enterprises and service providers (SPs) increasingly migrate to cloud services and embrace digital transformation for optimization in a geographically distributed environment, SD-WAN will remain a key solution in the networking industry. Lack of a security-first connectivity approach across multiple geographic locations can impact the prospects of enterprises and service providers adversely.

Also, customers are seeing an increased adoption of IoT, 5G, AI/ML, hyperscale computing technologies. In addition, since the pandemic, we have seen an uptick in teleworkers, hybrid working, and tele-medicine requiring enhanced video conferencing and VoIP services. As the networking landscape continues to evolve, organizations will need significant improvements to the existing network infrastructure. We cannot solve newer problems with legacy WAN solutions. We will need to modernize our network infrastructure with better design, intelligence, and security.

Figure 1. The HPE Aruba Networking EdgeConnect solution accelerates applications and maximizes available bandwidth to achieve high-performance and simplified operations.

Figure 1. The HPE Aruba Networking EdgeConnect solution accelerates applications and maximizes available bandwidth to achieve high-performance and simplified operations.

Introducing the newest EdgeConnect SD-WAN gateway

The best connectivity starts with the best SD-WAN gateway. Powered by industry-leading HPE Aruba Networking, the new compact and cost-effective form factor EdgeConnect 10106, provides secure SD-WAN capabilities ideally suited for small branch and remote office environments. Managed by EdgeConnect Orchestrator, this platform provides unprecedented visibility into the network, assigns policies based on network intent, and brings in a suite of key features for simplified network operations, better orchestration, agility, end-to-end security, and reduced costs for branch deployments.

Figure 2. HPE Aruba Networking 10106 gateway for small branch and remote office connectivity

Figure 2. HPE Aruba Networking 10106 gateway for small branch and remote office connectivity

The EC-10106 can easily handle up to 1Gbps sustained, bi-directional traffic - 1Gbps upload at the same time as 1Gbps download (2Gbps total throughput) thereby providing flexibility and uninterrupted traffic flow.

Key features:

  • PoE: built-in PoE port enables reduced cabling, scalable and manageable power delivery to a broad range of connected devices and ensures interoperability by transporting power & data through a single cable, resulting in reduced OPEX.
  • AppExpress: For many enterprises, a handful of high-profile, high-impact applications drive the business. AppExpress allows you to optimize the user experience for high-impact applications. With AppExpress you will be able to monitor the traffic flow for up to 50 applications and leverage synthetic polling and real-time user traffic observations to intelligently steer traffic. AppExpress automatically selects the best path for each of the 50 applications and works for both internal and cloud-based applications.

AppExpress sends synthetic probes across all available paths—local breakout, backhaul, and third-party service tunnels—to applications and determines which path appears to have the best latency and is most robust. AppExpress then places flows for applications on the best paths based on criteria that are set for each application. This further enables intelligently steering traffic to a virtual instance of HPE Aruba Networking EdgeConnect SD‑WAN hosted in IaaS platforms such as Amazon Web Services, Azure and Google Cloud, ensuring efficient data flow.

  • Cybersecurity: Enables enterprises and managed services to securely connect users, applications, and data across multiple geographic locations. The integrated enterprise-grade security features such as DDoS will mitigate unpredictable threat attacks (ICMP & SYN floods, IP Spoof). The integrated and rule-based IDS/IPS system constantly monitors the network in real-time to detect and prevent vulnerable and emerging threats such as malicious packets, blocking un-authorized access, etc., resulting in improved security posture and reduced network down time.
  • Role-based segmentation: Creates end-to-end zones across the LAN and the WAN, to ensure users and IoT devices reach destinations consistent with their role in the business, enforcing least-privilege access principles. By leveraging the HPE ClearPass integrated with EdgeConnect SD-WAN combined with application intelligence, this architecture enables organizations to implement an enterprise‑wide Zero Trust architecture, even in complex multi‑vendor LAN environments. This is an initiative-taking measure to reduce the risks for enterprises exposed to cyber-attacks in which cybercriminals target their sensitive data.
  • Built-in next-gen firewall: Provides advanced security features to monitoring and filtering network traffic, blocking unauthorized access, malware prevention, upholding data privacy and adhering to security compliances. This enables IT administrators to benefit from end-to-end network visibility and identify potential risks quickly.
  • Unified SASE: managing siloed networks makes it difficult for network administrators to scale, cope with today’s supply chain risks and address security threats and compliances. HPE’s Unified SASE solution combines the best of networking and security practices to provide access and security for edge-to-cloud, edge-to-edge and beyond. Our industry-leading Secure Service Edge (SSE) integrates with EdgeConnect SD-WAN to help transform secure access, and networking, with a single unified SASE platform—bringing security and networking teams together. This will enable simplified deployments, reduced capex and meet multi-cloud demands at scale.

For a full list of features and capabilities read through our SD-WAN solution data sheet.

As enterprises and service providers embrace the digital transformation journey, choosing the right SD-WAN solution becomes a key strategy for success. HPE Aruba SD-WAN simplifies the design, deployment and management with robust security and highest level of performance while increasing the ROI for our customers.

Please refer to our EdgeConnect 10106 data sheet for more information and also watch the video on AppExpress, to learn how our EdgeConnect SD-WAN optimizes SaaS traffic and dynamically selects the best path based on network conditions across network service providers, SSE PoPs and cloud service providers such as AWS, GCP and Azure.

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