HPE Cloud-first Networks – Unleash Your Datacenter Network for the Cloud Era

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Forward learning organizations expect private cloud services to be as dynamic as those available from major public clouds. Unfortunately, traditional datacenter architectures and operating models are hampering IT flexibility.   Legacy datacenter networks specifically are characterized by complex, hardware-defined and static physical (CLI based) configurations and multiple silos of management - often taking weeks or even months to provision network and security services.

HPE Cloud-first datacenter networks and Distributed Cloud Networking (DCN) help datacenter operators manage a distributed, multi datacenter environment in a simple, open and agile way using Software-defined Networking and network virtualization.  HPE DCN overcomes manually IT provisioning by seamlessly automating physical and virtual multitenant network infrastructure provisioning with application and cloud orchestration - accelerating application creation and reducing time to service from months to minutes.

Fig. 3_Nuage Benefits for OpenStack V2_fig 3_PROOF01_030316.jpg

Moreover, HPE DCN does not require proprietary or purpose-built hardware - since all components install in Docker containers, hypervisors or virtual machines.  Together, HPE Cloud-first Networks and DCN eliminate the constraints that hampered datacenter networking agility by:

  • Making the network as consumable as compute infrastructure through automated instantiation of network services and security policies (micro segmentation)
  • Unifying complex configurations across public/private clouds with multiple datacenters and thousands of tenants into a single manageable cloud network
  • Proving the ultimate in flexibly and choice - hypervisor and cloud platform agnostic - requiring no change required to underlying IP infrastructure
  • Value-added HPE integration with Helion OpenStack, CSA and networking to provide Layer 2/3 VTEP and OVSDB between virtual and physical (bare metal) devices.

Learn more about how HPE Cloud-first datacenter networks and Distributed Cloud Networking (DCN) can help transform and accelerate your organization during an SDxCentral educational webinar. View on demand.