Top 5 Kudoed Blogs July- September

By Jamie Easley, Airheads Community Manager
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We have had many excellent blogs since July. The following are just the top performers, receiving the most kudos since July.

#5 - Wireless NICs, External USB Hubs, and Noisegstefanic – 17 kudos

George wrote this blog to inform of the various issues you can encounter when utilizing a usb hub. The new Surface Pro 3 was the key to the article due to only having 1 usb port, thus the reason for the hub. He mentioned various problems you could encounter when using a hub that can distort your readings when using spectrum products.

#4 - Web Content Classification - a powerful new policy tool for the PEF Firewallrlangston – 17 kudos

Airheads moderator Richard gives insight to a recent feature released in AOS 6.4.2, Web Content Classification. This feature enables controlling traffic to various URLs and potential security risks. He explains how to override the feature if you need to access to a restricted URL.

#3 - A closer look at WiFi Security IE (Information Elements) - gstefanic – 20 kudos

Georges second entry in the top 5. This blog drills down into the core of security. Each topic is  then explained in a situational way to help visualize what the info means to security. George hits on AKM and Ciphers and their encryption type.

#2 - Why digital certificates for mobile devices?trent – 21 kudos

The evil world of fat thumbs and complex passwords is an annoying process we deal with sometimes daily. Trent explains how to remedy the problem most all of us deal with. The solution is utilizing a built-in CA. He shows "What's in it for IT"

#1 - Two ways of designing Wireless LANs. - keith.r.parsons – 23 kudos

Keith sheds some of his experience with us on designing WLANs. When starting a fresh network most start with calculated data and jump right into the install process. It is only a calculation without real scenarios.. The blog highlights 2 hands on ways, capacity and frequency reuse to properly design a network. The focus is how to achieve a median between the two without CCI