Simple, Effective Strategies for the Collaborative Classroom Q&A

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Thanks to our partners at Stoneware who presented with us on their classroom management software LanSchool. Product Line Manager Coby Gurr presented the LanSchool solution, and introduced the new enhanced free version of LanSchool Lite that will be available to Aruba customers.

A compilation of the webinar Q&A is now available. Thanks to all who joined the webinar. A copy of the presentation is available. Here is a recording of the presentation on Aruba's website. If you have any questions, please post them here in the comments section.

Q: Will the limiting the web feature, or other such features, work on iPads, or iPhones?

A: Yes, we can limit the web inside of our LanSchool Application for iOS.  We also provide the following capabilities for the iOS devices:

Q: Do you have to install a client version on each device you want to see on the dashboard?

A: Typically it does require a clientagent; we do offer an additional option when paired with our webNetwork product of the on-demand agent. We call it classroom management from the cloud:

Q: If students bring in their own devices, how is the client loaded?  Can it be pushed, or is their a website from which students download and install it?

A: We have an on-demand agent model as well as the local agent.  When paired with our webNetwork cloud we can deliver the agent down to the device as they login.  We currently provide on-demand agents for Windows & Mac both for the teacher console and students.  iOS and Android apps are loaded from the App stores.  More information can be found here:

Q: What kind of questions can the testing feature support, eg, multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, short answer in sentences?

A: LanSchool provides the following question options for testing: True/False, Multiple Choice, Short Answer and Essay Questions.  You can also include graphics, additional information can be found here:

Q: Any plans for adding chromebook support?

A: Yes, it's on the roadmap for 2013

Q: Is the free version available to each of my teachers in each of my schools?

A: Yes, the lite edition is free for Teachers, Librarians, Tech Coordinators and Administrators.  We do offer a commercial version as well, additional information can be found here:

Q: If a student has more than one device, will you see all of them?

A: Yes

Q: We currently use Impero to accomplish similar things. What are the advantages of LanSchool over Impero?

A: LanSchool has additional Platform Support: Mac, iOS, Android, Terminal Services, Windows Multipoint, Linux, and Citrix.  Additional feature capabilities: Battery monitoring, active website, electronic testing, Internet co-browse, to name a few. Best price on the market with 3 years of upgrades included, and our support teams are in your time zone rather than an international call to Europe. Our competitive upgrades are 50% off MSRP.