Keith Parsons

Keith Parsons is managing director of Wireless LAN Professionals, Inc. A gifted presenter, Keith is known for his wit and broad technical experience. He holds 68 technical certifications (11 wireless) and has earned an MBA from the Marriott School of Management. He is author (or editor) of 30+ technical publications and has developed nine technical industry and vendor certifications.

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Rules for Successful Hotel Wi-Fi

Rules for Successful Hotel Wi-Fi

We all have experienced terrible hotel Wi-Fi. Read More

Wi-Fi Design Mistake: Not Designing

Two ways of designing Wireless LANs

The first, and perhaps the easiest, is to look at designing your Wireless network like a big calculation. This begins to get quite complex with many variables, yet the idea behind it is simple enough. Read More


Looking Forward to Aruba Airheads Conference

Next   week   there   will   be   a   gathering   of  " Airheads " –  a   colloquial   term   for   folks   interested   in   Wireless   LANs .  Specifically   those   who   work... Read More