Jaye Tillson
Field CTO

Jaye Tillson is a Field CTO at HPE Aruba Networking (formerly Axis Security), boasting over 25 years of invaluable expertise in successfully implementing strategic global technology programs. With a strong focus on digital transformation, Jaye has been instrumental in guiding numerous organizations through their zero-trust journey, enabling them to thrive in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Jaye's passion lies in collaborating with enterprises, assisting them in their strategic pursuit of zero trust. He takes pride in leveraging his real-world experience to address critical issues and challenges faced by these businesses.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Jaye co-founded the SSE Forum and co-hosts its popular podcast called 'The Edge.' This platform allows him to engage with a broader audience, fostering meaningful discussions on industry trends and innovations.

In his leisure time, Jaye indulges in his passions for motor racing, savoring delectable cuisine, and exploring the wonders of the world through his travels.

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