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Wi-Fi NOW Winner for Enterprise Wi-Fi Solutions
Gayle LevinSolutions

2022 Wi-Fi Now Award: Best Enterprise Wi-Fi Solution

We’re pleased to announce that Wi-Fi Now has recognized us as the “Best Enterprise Wi-Fi Solution” for the first ever demonstration of 6 GHz Standard Power using an AFC. Read More

Larry LunettaSolutions

Think Zero Trust and SASE are not about IoT?

Learn how IT teams can modernize their networks to provide not only the connectivity but the performance, automation, and security that their business needs in the era of IoT Read More

David WrightCorporate

Dynamic Spectrum Access (Part 2)

An explanation of the 6 GHz Standard Power and AFC, and its role in vastly expanding the market for, and impact of, dynamic spectrum access (DSA). Read More

Gayle LevinSolutions

Aruba Wi-Fi 6E APs are now Wi-Fi Alliance Certified

Aruba’s Wi-Fi 6E APs are the first enterprise-grade access points to be certified by the Wi-Fi Alliance. Read More

Shruti SoodSolutions

Why Wi-Fi Certification Really Matters

Wi-Fi certification for the many wireless devices and access points means they will interoperate reliably, securely and according to the standard. Read More

Wi-Fi 6E in Europe: Frequently Asked Questions

8 things you need to know about Wi-Fi 6E in Europe. Read More

Dave ChenCorporate

Aruba Delivers the First and Only Family of Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 6™ Access Points

Certification is our commitment to customers that Aruba wireless networks can interoperate with Wi-Fi 6 client devices with no technical impact to your business. Read More

Cutting Through the AI Mist
Larry LunettaSolutions

Cutting Through the Wi-Fi 6 Mist: Wi-Fi That Works Keeps Up with Your Business

Everything is lined up for a wave of new Wi-Fi 6-driven business outcomes and experiences. Read More

Dave ChenSolutions

Welcome to the New Wireless Era

The role of Wi-Fi gets better as Wi-Fi 6E terminology is announced ahead of CES 2020. Read More

Jamie EasleyCorporate

Wi-Fi Has Rocked Our World

A look back at the history of Wi-Fi and how invisible radio waves changed my life. Read More