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Gayle LevinSolutions

Q&A: How to respond to changing workplace Wi-Fi requirements

Learn how to address Wi-Fi requirements and how network teams can prepare to support the ever-changing workplace Read More

Mandar GhogaleIndustries

Monitor Wi-Fi 6 Network Performance with New Aruba User Experience Insight (UXI)...

The Aruba User Experience Insight (UXI) team introduces two new sensors to the UXI sensor portfolio. Meet the Wi-Fi 6 sensors - G6 and G6C! These new 802.11ax UXI sensors have the same unique G-series... Read More

Aruba MarketingCorporate

Esports Fuels Competitive, Academic and Experiential Learning

How higher education IT departments are building wired and wireless networks that enable their gaming-related programs to thrive. Read More

Scott LesterSolutions

Aruba Unified Access Points Simplify the Purchase Process

Aruba puts an end to multiple SKUs for APs—and the associated ordering frustration. Read More

Matt ValentineIndustries

Transitioning to Touchless Hospitality

The hospitality sector must look towards Edge technologies to deliver a robust and reliable network. Read More

Paul BoutotCorporate

Serving Our Constituents with an Intelligent Edge

How we built a resilient, simplified and automated network leveraging AOS-CX and Wi-Fi 6 to deliver critical services at the Town of Newington, CT. Read More

Aruba MarketingSolutions

Powering esports success in K-12 and Higher Ed

Understanding the venues, networking considerations and solution capabilities you need for esports support at your school, college, or university. Read More

Detlef FuehrerCorporate

Saudi Arabia leads the way with trailblazing 6 GHz Spectrum Decision

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is first country in the EMEA region to open the full 6 GHz band, reinforcing its position as innovation trailblazer. Read More

Larry LunettaSolutions

Is it Real AI or Just Demoware?

The term “AI Washing” has become a standard part of our vocabulary, courtesy of vendors who want to tag anything that smacks of analytics with the AI label. Read More

Shruti SoodSolutions

Why Wi-Fi Certification Really Matters

Wi-Fi certification for the many wireless devices and access points means they will interoperate reliably, securely and according to the standard. Read More