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Trent FierroSolutions

Aruba UXI Incident Detection: AI-powered Mean Time to Innocence

Aruba User Experience Insight gets you to that Mean Time to Innocence (MTTI) faster so that you can focus on the things you can control. Read More

Deliver Superior End User Experience Monitoring with Web Application Testing 

Aruba UXI now combines 24x7 automated network testing for greater insight into user experience. Read More

Fouad ZreikSolutions

Boost your AIOps IQ with Aruba User Experience Insight

New AI-powered Incident Detection enables IT to speed time to detection and resolution, while improving the user experience and cutting out the alert fatigue. Read More

Cutting Through the AI Mist
Keith ParsonsSolutions

Aruba and the Worlds of AI, ML and Self-Optimizing Networks

With AIOps, engineers can eliminate the humdrum and focus on more creative and fulfilling work. Read More

Mitch DickeySolutions

Powerful Insights with the Aruba UXI Sensor

A firsthand look at setting up and using Aruba User Experience Insight. Read More

Keith ParsonsSolutions

The Aruba User Experience Insight Journey

A look back at the journey from Cape Networks to Aruba User Experience Insight. Read More

Fouad ZreikSolutions

User Experience Insight: The Sensor’s Edge

5 reasons to use UXI sensors over software agents. Read More

Dave ChenSolutions

Start analyzing web application performance with automated testing

Using Aruba User Experience Insight, mimic client and application behavior to help proactively solve problems. Read More

Aruba MarketingSolutions

What is Assurance? Why Do I Need It? Assuring Experience Matters

What are the key criteria for assuring connectivity experiences? Read More

Dave ChenSolutions

Are Application Priorities Getting Harder to Enforce?

Aruba’s Dynamic Segmentation is a simpler way to separate traffic. Read More