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Accelerating IoT Workload Migration to the Cloud

Moving IoT workloads to the cloud, and securely exchanging data between cloud IoT services and both legacy and new IoT devices, can entail months of custom engineering. There’s a new way to solve this... Read More

Bridging IT and OT Networks: Access Points as IoT Platforms

Low-voltage building systems, including comfort, intrusion detection, energy management, access control, and personnel and asset tracking can communicate via Aruba's Wi-Fi 6 APs. Read More

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Designing Hyper-aware Civilian Government Facilities

In civilian government applications, the machines and applications are tailored to optimizing human activity and productivity monitoring, organizational redesign, and health and safety. Read More

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Hyper-aware Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance Use Cases

Innovation will hinge on a solid network foundation that supports use cases driven by IoT. Read More

Location Services Out at Sea
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Real-time Shipboard Location Services for Cruise Ship Guests and Staff

Enable new experiences for guests at sea such as food and beverage delivery while guests are moving aboard the ship. Read More

How to Advance Strategic Business Goals with IoT

At Aruba, we call the conjunction of IoT data and context “hyper-awareness,” and it provides situational awareness about efficiency, productivity, reliability, loyalty, safety, and security. Read More

Cloud-based Monitoring of Hyper-aware Buildings

Fast bring-up of hyper-aware smart buildings using cloud-based monitoring and control. Read More

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Vape Detection at the Edge

Vape detection and environmental monitoring for smart buildings. Read More

Episode 42: Smart Living as a Service

lake Miller, founder and CEO of Homebase, joins us to discuss how smart technology is changing the way property owners manage and people live. Read More